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  • Posted By: italianirishj
  • March 17, 2008
  • 05:22 PM

Hi there,

I'm hoping to get some help. I'm a 30 year old female with hypothyroidism, asthma, and in the last 18 months had a c-section, myomectomy to remove a uterine fibroid, abdominal hysterectomy with removal of left ovary due to poor healing and intense pain, and just a month ago removal of the right ovary due to extreme pain, multiple masses on CT, and bloating.

My surgery healed up fine and my surgeon actual went through the surgical pictures with me. With the exception of the ovary, there was no scarring or adhesions from any of the previous surgeries. He checked the bowel b/c I was having bowel problems prior to the surgery and it looked good. So, here is where I'm at...

1. It takes 8 - 9 days for me to have a bm
2. When I get to day 6/7 I get sweaty, nauseaous, and super pain in my right and left abdomen.
3. On day 8/9 I get super crampy, then a migraine, then I start to go but it is very painful and hard and then very loose, frequent, and watery for a day or 2.
4. I take two fiber pills daily. I have a very healthy diet since my mom had breast cancer in 1996 and I switched her to a healthier diet (macrobiotic)
5. I am taking three containers of activia a day and one danactive a day
6. When I use Miralax/Fleet's Enema/Dulcolax, nothing comes out? It just hurts very bad.
7. There have been a few occasions where my bm was as wide as a string of spaghetti but filled the whole bowl in volume.

Any help would be very very appreciated.

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  • I was thinking of a bowel obstruction, but you said your doctor checked the bowel during surgery. Have you spoken to your doctor about this and what does he say?
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  • Thank you so much for responding Beth! I had kind of given up on this site. Hmm, here is where I am. I did speak with my surgeon and he said from the outside my intestines looked great. There was a small mass in the cecum so I am waiting to hear what the GI doc says about that. I had an appointment a week ago and they think that I have an "atonic bowel" This means that with my underactive thyroid, 4 surgeries, and multiple narcotics, my intestines went to sleep. so everything just sits until there isn't any room left and causes huge discomfort. They said to take 2 tbsp of Milk of Magnesia every night for 6 months, get off the fiber supplements, and see them in a month. I have to say the MOM worked too well so I am only taking that every 3 days. My pain has gone down but I am concerned because it is still there. Hopefully it will gradually correct itself. Thanks again:)
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  • Wow, you are way out of balance due to all those surgeries! Please consider trying acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help your severe constipation and post surgical pain. www.acufinder.com. This is brilliant and should really help! Also, you are taking a LOT of yogurt, and this can be very dampening. You may have a dairy intolerance contributing to your severe constipation. Activia and similar yogurts are mostly hype and VERY high in sugars - instead get yourself a good quality probiotic with several strains of beneficial bacteria, and find one that is nondairy. Cut back on dairy and see if this helps. Macro's hardly eat dairy at all. Please be careful on the macrobiotic diet - it is a very good healing diet but hard to do correctly long term IMO (unless you make it a full time job just preparing the meals!). You should also be taking a methylcobalamin B12 sublingual supplement to balance your B12 stores. Consider trying a good magnesium supplement like Natural Calm to help your bm's. Might be gentler than the MOM. You need to give your body time to heal from all those surgeries, and do try acupuncture to help promote your healing - it works! Best wishesDOM
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  • I'm happy you are getting some relief. I agree with DOM, too much yogurt and some good suggestions.Give it a little time, sounds like you are on the mend. Check back in and let us know how things are going. :)
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  • I actually tried acupuncture about 5 years ago for my migraines. We only have one actupuncturist in town and he said my feet were tough, I was on a swim team from age 8 - 18, and laughed. While I was unhappy with his bedside manner I went to him for 10 sessions. I ended up with more frequent headaches and he is still the only one in town. I have stopped using the activia and danactive. I also have used a pro-biotic from our local health food store after each of my surgeries and any other time I have had to take antibiotics. I like the macro idea. I am very good at preparing (and sticking to) the menu. My mom was dx with stage 4 breast cancer at the young age of 42. She survived for 5 years after a 6 month prognosis due to the change in diet and lifestyle. Three weeks into the macrobiotic diet she went from 12 liver tumors to three without any chemo. I prepared all her meals. I also opened a vegan/vegetarian restaurant with my husband. It has since closed but I have quite a few good recepies. I also just started taking a B complex last week. Is B12 better by itself? I will definitly try the magnesium as well. That MOM wreaks havoc on your system. I'm worried my electrolytes are going to go off kilter and then I will have more problems!
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