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A Laundry list of symptoms...

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  • Posted By: joeyyy
  • December 22, 2010
  • 10:55 AM

First I'd like to thank you for reading my post. I'm grateful for your time, and I only ask that you stick to the topic at hand. I don't wanna see a bunch of judgemental crap.

I am going to just list everything bullet style and add more bullets as I write because I'm typing this on my phone.

This might take a bit of time and discussion as I have many symptoms that are possibly unrelated.

I'm a 27 year old male. I recently got out of the army after 7 years and 3 combat deployments.

My height is 5'7"

Since returning home my weight has gone down from a normal of about 165 lbs to about 140.

My bowel movements are regular, but are more often than not watery, or mucusy and accompanied by blood spotting on the paper when I wipe.
I do sometimes have normal (solid) BM's
The color is usually very yellowish when its diarehea

The blood I believe is a result of an anal fistula from a perianal abcess I had surgery on about a year ago. As the hole the blood comes out of is about an inch over my sphincter on my left cheek.

I also often have anal leakage. I am wiping myself several times a day. Usually seeing a few bright red spots from the supposed fistula, and fecal residue and teeny tiny pieces of poop.

I eat regular meals.(regular in frequency.) I have cereal in the morning, normal lunch, normal dinner.
But I find that soon after eating my stomach is growling very audibly and I feel super hungry.It's strange though my stomach is growling and the pain feels like the kind of pain when your just really hungry....I'm NOT hungry. I typically have to force myself to eat and find that I get much fuller than I used to after.
I am convinced I have worms. Cause my *******e is always itchy too.

I am always very very cold. Its winter in Boston and I find that I can only warm up after a hot shower and my hands and feet stay FROZEN for hours after being indoors if I don't shower. Even then I have to keep socks on at all times indoors.

I have mild pain in my lower right side.

I find myself completly unable to sleep at night though that could be attributed to my PTSD

I am not taking any prescription medications

I am a smoker and developed a cough about a month ago with very dark green, and sometimes brownish grey phlegm (that word even looks disgusting.) My cough shows zero signs of going away.

My last HIV test was 2008




I hope everything I listed helps you draw any kind of conclusion.

I know I should be seeing a doctor but I have no health insurance and the VA only covers military related issues and I'm terrfied of getting billed like when they fu*ked me for 1,300 for the operation on my perianal abcess.

I apologize for how crazy this was, but hey....I'm typing on my phone

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