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A "Colon Cleanse" (hydrotherapy) seems to have made a difference for me

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  • Posted By: garyguthrie
  • May 22, 2008
  • 06:46 PM

I was starting to get a) frustrated from all the different "do this'" from all the doctors (GP, GI, etc.) that I asked about my stomach issues (bloating, gas, some constipation, etc.); b) desperate because none of the "fixes" seem to work and I was at half-speed and constantly uncomfortable. A month-plus of aggravation was a month too long for me.

What did my doctors say? Nothing had shown up in my Endoscopy or Colonoscopy or in the CTScan they did on my stomach... Try Prevacid, not omneprazole... it was gas... it was not enough fiber... it was too much fiber... use Pepto-Bismol/bismuth... stool softeners... it was my change of diet... try probiotics (the only thing that made sense post-hydrotherapy). I even tried accunpuncture, but that didn't do the trick, either.

Then, this last Monday, I started reading through all the posts on wrongdiagnosis.com and something, somewhere about "(parasite) colon cleansing" hit me and I decided to Google someone local, actually try it, figuring that if the claims work and it cleans everything to a baseline and if I still have problems from there, at least I know that I had done my best in cleaning out the "furnace room" so to speak.

Twenty years ago, one of my good friends' husbands opened up a "colonic spa" and she told me how beneficial she thought the procedure was. Queasy about such things, I opted not to try it. Now, I wish I had.

After two cleansings (in order to reach the full length of the intestines), I have to tell you that I feel remarkably better. Now, granted, I'm only on my first day post-hydrotherapy, but it seems to have been a positive move. Whether it removed the toxins or bacteria or whatever was causing me problems, my personal feeling is that it was a step in the right direction.

I had tried the pills/laxative route, earlier, and had limited success, so I went to a "hydrotherapist" instead.

You can read about the description of the procedure via the link below. I am not associated with the practice (or trying to promote them) -- I'm just a patient -- but thought it might be a good reference point for those of you who are interested.


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  • Hi there. Good post. I've had colonics. I didn't find the procedure unpleasant at all. In fact, I hardly felt a thing. I think a lot of people can feel embarrassed about it and to be honest, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. The practitioner I saw could actually see what was coming out through the clear tube and parasites was one of the first thing she mentioned to me. So, with colonics, it sure helps. I had quite a few when I first fell ill. It didn't cure my problem, but it certainly helped :-) I have had Endoscopy/Colonoscopy too, and I've also been put on some of the meds you mention. It can be all very frustrating when trying to get to the bottom of things and nothing seems to help. When you mentioned parasites I felt the need to respond. I have parasite infection(s). I visited my GP on many, many occasions. I had tests done but they came back negative for parasites. My hospital found h-pylori bug but nothing else yet I knew I had parasites. It's been quite a horrendous time for me, to say the least. In my opinion parasite infections are very misunderstood. An understanding and sympathetic doctor is good if you suspect parasites. Parasites can be hard to detect, depending on the type. It's been a difficult time and still is, but I'm getting there
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