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4½ Yrs of Suffering!!! DISCOVERY - Have Hope!

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  • November 15, 2007
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Hello:I’m here on this forum because I want to help people with my story. I’ve found some answers for myself. I’ve been EXACTLY in your shoes with the wrong diagnosis, bad practitioner, or unable to find the proper help. By sharing my story it might help someone. I see this also as part of my healing process. I’ve been EXTREMELY ill for 4½+ years. My most recent life-threatening episode was this spring, I was rushed to hospital, which gave me a terrible scare. I want to explain my symptoms and what I’ve been going. For the first 2 years of my illness I paid over 20 visits to my GP, to no avail. After 1 year I was forwarded to hospital for endoscopy, colonoscopy, a biopsy taken. Because I felt my doctor had done all he could I felt I had nowhere else to turn. I had suspicions from the outset that my illness was parasite related. I decided to try alternative therapies. I tried many parasite protocols, kinesiology, scio, you name it -- I've tried it. After trying most protocols, nothing worked. At the time, I didn’t realise but my symptoms were a result of co-factors which were responsible for making me sick.Listed below are my symptoms. My GP and others labs were unable to detect anything or I was misdiagnosed. It’s a long list, pretty nasty, be warned! :-Severe headaches, very faint, dizzy (almost seizure-like), very blurry vision, "floaters" in eyes like tiny worms, coated tongue, foul nasal odour (like ammonia), thick sticky mucus up nose, with white stringy stuff, coughing up "strange white blobby stuff" in mucus, cough, wheeziness, sore chest/chest pain (with skipping heartbeats, "fluttering, wriggling" sensation in/around heart, itchy skin, red "track line" marks on skin, red dot marks on skin, wriggling sensation in body - legs, arms, feet, wriggling in abdominal area, ribs, itchy head, crawling sensation, fluttering/rumbling sensation in tummy, intestines, irregular stools, covered in mucus/white blobby stuff, sometimes blood, burning sensation in bottom, itching, trembling sensation throughout body, almost like a vibration, especially in legs. Can sometimes feel like a vibration coming up into throat, raised temperature/feverish.This is exactly what I’ve been suffering, yet my doctor couldn’t find anything. (I also had blood tests done, nothing showed up! Not even infection).To give you a bit of background on the tests I've had done BEFORE I found http://www.rhrplus.com.I want to be extremely clear. I don’t work for them and I don’t receive any “cuts”. I’m here telling my story because there is HOPE & TRUTH for anyone willing to listen. I feel that my life has been saved when I didn’t know what else to do! I just feel grateful that I found answers for myself after banging my head up against a wall so many times. Many times I felt alone and helpless. All previous tests BEFORE RHR Plus found NOTHING! Only the hospital found the h-pylori bug and this was NOT the cause of the above symptoms. I was put in touch with Great Smokies Laboratories through a private practitioner I was seeing. They are supposed to be one of the best labs. Results were quick. 2 weeks in total. They found NOTHING major going on, NO PARASITE OVA, NO WORMS, NOTHING. I got a 4 page printout which I didn't understand for a start; it could well have been written in GERMAN for all I knew. It was very difficult to comprehend. I just understood the No Worms, No Ova, No Parasite bit. This was a FULL COMPREHENSIVE STOOL TEST. It didn't even find I had h-pylori bug. It's supposed to be able to detect this "bug" too! I went into hospital for the colonoscopy/endoscopy and this was just after Great Smokies test, yet hospital picked up the h-pylori bug, but not Great Smokies! Great Smokies tests, for what I had done, were expensive too. I had to give three separate stool samples in all. Each sample had "fixatives" so whether this affected the results, not sure. I was disappointed in the results. I should have inquired about what the tests involved, VERY IMPORTANT. Always ask. I'm not entirely sure what they look for but I thought if there was anything "abnormal" going on, they'd find it. Not the case. I should have asked what entirely they looked for! I saw lots of practitioners over the years, they didn’t understand to what extent how ill I was and didn’t understand all of my symptoms. I also got sucked in, I got desperate, I’d do ANYTHING for help with aggressive symptoms like mine. If you think someone is helping you, and that goes for the person taking the money from you, they see this too, people can be too happy to take money from you because they can see the desperation. That’s the situation I got myself into. To cut a long story short!!....In my desperate search for answers, I heard about a small independent lab that might be able to help me. http://www.rhrplus.com.The last thing I wanted to do was try another lab. I'd never heard of them, wasn’t sure if they could help me if the “best” had proven that they couldn’t find anything. Needless To say, I was skeptical because of past experiences. Despite my skepticism, I needed to find out what was making me so ill because my symptoms weren’t getting any better. I read the site, liked what I saw. Can’t really explain it, but it “felt right” for me; I decided to trust one last time because there seemed to be hope in my communication with them! I submitted sputum, stool and urine. (Wish I'd done blood too). They were VERY reasonably priced. Tests can take 6-8 weeks, mine took 9 due to the SIGNIFICANT infection(s)/infestations inside me. Time factor SHOULD NOT play ANY part when choosing the correct lab! These tests were exhaustive by http://www.rhrplus.com Tests were not rushed, they were carried out thoroughly. This is why I believe RHR Plus found so much going on with me. Please read this link from their site with regards to lab tests and why other labs fail, it is very informative. http://rhrplus.com/article_labs.html One of the greatest things about RHR Plus’ service is that you get PICTURES with understandable notations. These aren’t complicated, computerised graphs and charts that need deciphering. They are real pictures, notes are written by a human! I received extensive notes, more than the basic notations. I was stunned to find out what was going on inside me, confirming all of my suspicions. The details and workmanship is unbelievable. PICTURES TELL AN ENTIRELY DFFERENT STORY!! Believe me! They didn’t give a diagnosis, but the evidence in front of me is undeniable and hard to refute. RHR Plus was so supportive in answering all of my questions, in addition to providing emotional support. They care about people. By the way, I recently met someone who used the same lab that I did which is supposedly the “best”. Unbelievably she sent in 12 stool samples before she ever had a positive result returned! Can you imagine?! I was complaining about my 3 sample to Great Smokies; I could’ve gone through what she did. RHR Plus is so good at what they do, that they used my one-time samples that I submitted. So it goes to prove you can have all these tests done and still nothing can be found. At least, that’s what I thought… until I found http://www.rhrplus.com My next step is to work with new a practitioner who will help me heal. I plan to return to my GP to show him my pictures and notes and to see what he has to say! Prior to RHR Plus, I spent well over £5,000 out of pocket for treatments. One particular practitioner knew I was desperate and took advantage of me and my situation. It is easy to get “sucked in”, you get desperate, and you will do ANYTHING for help. My advice is to pay attention to those kinds of people and study their words. My other point is that why spend £0000's like I did. If it turns out that your costs are a little higher than expected with RHR Plus, it is well WORTH IT, in my opinion. The value of what you get far out weighs any costs. It can find out A LOT of what's going on in a person. You get what you pay for at the end of the day. Quality of service is the answer. (If I'd have known about RHR way back, I could have saved myself £0000's!) What I'm getting at, if you don't find the right practitioner/lab your money will be wasted. It's that simple. It took me time to find some truthful answers, and through help I found RHRPlus. Thank heaven I did. I hope someone will find comfort in my experience because if there’s a will, there’s a way! Please don’t give up HOPE because in the end the TRUTH will prevail. I realise that I’m new here and you might be skeptical. I've had over 4 years of ***l and suffering, it has devastated my life. You can find out what’s ailing you, with someone who really cares. There is no reason to live in misery. I’ve been in your shoes and know the run around all to well.
Good luck.

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