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4 Days of Severe Constipation

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  • Posted By: 27Buckeye
  • March 28, 2009
  • 07:03 PM

Well the 4 days I had been dealing with this I have spent countless hours reading what you all do to get through things, as well as ways to deal with it immediately so here's my story......

Well I am on day 4 of what I can only say is the worst experience I have ever had. I went in to an emergency center on Wednesday and after XRays it was determined I had fecal impaction. I was in so much agony, despair, and feelings of defeat and extraordinary exhaustion. I was issued GoLytely and a non-narcotic pain reliever (tramadol), which is why I was in the situation to begin with. I had severe back issues, and I take Dilaudid on a regular basis which created this mess to start. I was always fearful of the pain that was sure to come when having a bowel movement, that eventually I stopped going all together. I would bleed, cry and scream during each bowel movement, it was so painful and I was scared to go all together, because I didnt have a good diet, I didnt drink enough water, and the stool softners never seemed to help. (well that was becuase over time I was so backed up that it never helped the feces that was ready to pass) I was very nervous about taking the GoLytely because I was impacted and I feared It would only force the stool behind it, only to get stuck from the impaction. I may have been just fine, but I wasnt sure and was scared to death. I decided to take a warm bath, and started picking away internally at the impacted feces. Slowly but surely I was inching away at it, and soon enough I felt confident to try an enema. Well about 45 seconds later here it comes! I released quite a lot, (words cant describe the amount) I felt so much better, until about 15 minutes later when my rectum reloaded. I was back to square one. I felt so defeated and began to cry uncontrollably like it wasnt going away and I just wanted to sleep. So once again, I took a hot bath and I digitally (fingers) removed more and more feces until I wasnt able to move. I still had no relief. I had urges to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes. I took sleep aids, muscle relaxers, and Immodium just to stop the urges (which is a dumb idea, because it didnt work, and anything that was soft, is now hard). I hadnt eaten or slept in 2 days now, and I just wanted to go to sleep and try again the next day. I was so worn out, my body ached, I couldnt eat, nor sleep. 48 hours of misery without relief. Every 15 minutes I had an acute urge to use the restroom, it would wake me out of my sleep, but only mucous type substances, blood, and small amount of fecal water came out. So day 3 I decide to digitally remove the rest, (or so I thought) I started removing only to find it kept slipping back and I was unable to get to it. So I decided to use another enema. 45 seconds later, here it comes. It was impossibly still this large after all that I had removed, and I was in so much pain in anal area from digital removal as well as the tremendously large feces that came out. Still I kept on, and then once that movement had subsided it stopped! I mean stopped! I slept for about 8 hours and woke up weak, in pain, shaky, extremely dehydrated. But it stopped, and I was heading the right direction. Soon enough I had another urge to go, but this time it came out without very much pain and was softer than anything I had, It was a major win! The hot baths saved me when digitally removing the stool, along with water and then a large gatorade. I ate a banana and a granola bar this morning and its about 6 hours since i woke up and things are getting better and better. Its really a shame there isnt a better way medically that can help because doing it on your own is just torture. All I can recommend is advil, lots of water, and many many hot baths and exercise. This will help your subsequent symptoms resulting from extreme constipation and impaction. I will say I have a whole new outlook, I am on day 5 without my heavy narcotic pain medicine (which became recreational more so), and I wont be taking it again. I had major withdrawals, and the above stated situation all at the same time. If I hadnt had withdrawals though I might not have released all the feces considering my body was ridding itself of everything because I was off the meds (dilaudid and oxycontin) and I might have a longer situation to go than now :) Since I havent been able to sleep, the internet became my friend and many places like this one and others helped me logically figure out how to fix this. I have a diet plan, an exercise plan, Im over the hard days of withdrawal, and an experience that will forever remind me of how to treat my body, because I never want to go through any of this again. Thank you all for posting in sites like these, and which is why i wanted to do the same. Good Luck, It is not easy!! There is no easy way of fixing this, only easy way is prevention!

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  • It's been a while, are you still around? If so, how is everything working out for you? I've been backed up for a few months now, and I'm dreading what's around the corner. I have tried to remove this beast manually, but it won't come out far enough, and I just can't seem to get a good grip. Maybe I'll go take a hot bath, too.
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