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13 Year Old problems help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 22, 2007
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My son is 13 and for the past 3 years has been growing worse and worse. Back in 2004 over the course of two days he experienced problems swallowing and shortness of breath out of the blue. Our doctor said it was nothing so we continued on un worried. As the weeks past my son would avoid eating just because he found it so difficult and time consuming. He is extremely athletic and constantly trying to keep his weight up, so we suspect no eating disorders. About a year or so and terrible acid reflux and morning nausea caused him immense pain. Although he found "tricks" to help swallowing, he can still not swallow solids without liquid. The past year has been the worse as he has been overcome with terrible un releived fatigue. For the first time ever he was forced to drop a sport not to mention many activities in his life. Hes tested positive for h.pylori, mono, and had strep and sinusitis multiple times over the past years. A few doctors have refered him to a therapist, but cleary this is a ridiculous move and has yet to prove the solution in this case. One doctor mention Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, any help? our son wants his life back

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  • I have exactly the same thing! I am also 13 years old and have been diagnosed with severe acid reflux for 12 years. It took a year for the doctor to diagnose me. When I was four years old I underwent a fundoplication (it twists the esophogus around the stomach) to lessen my symptoms. Before the operation I was having so much pain with eating that I just wouldnt. The operation was a turning point in my life. It helped so much. I know Im only 13 but I really think this will help. You should ask your doctor for an endoscopy ( it checks out the esophogus). An endoscopy is what diagnosed my reflux. Even if it isnt reflux and endoscopy will definitly help point towards a diagnosis. ( I have had 8 endoscopies!) I hope this helps! I know Im only 13 once again but you should really check this out or at least see a gastroenterologist! (specialist)
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    • December 31, 2007
    • 01:51 AM
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  • Such a young boy with such very troubling pains. The other person mentioned that he should undergo an endoscopy, this is when they lower a camera and a little biopsy device into the esphogus and belly, the colonscopy does the other side... Anyway, it finds more than what a blood test can find, like h-pylora. It's the next logical step in a serious stomach case. A good Gastro-entrologist would in this case already setup a date for him? Have you one? If not you will likely need one. I suffered a very serious and similar condition at 23 not 13. Hard to eat, real hard to digest. It's very vague to diagnos at times and the causes range. Mine remains undiagnosed with half a dozen exploratory procedures. Sad but that's life. I had severe sinusitus and often given to infections in my head. I theorize that it may have been possible the infectious drainage could have irritated the linings over time, diminished them. That is a Theory... Amongst others! I do not know the route you wish to take or can afford to take. Though a "good" GastroEntrologist is a step. Also making smart choices, that procedure discussed can be helpful I've heard, but I've heard against it... I opted not to have it done. Usually pills can control the acid in the belly and allow erosions to heal, if that is causing the problem. Acid and Erosions, Ulcers, and many other stomach issues can cause all sorts of digestive discomforts, even hernias in the belly muscles that help digestion. Being that your boy is Athletic is something you need research. For his sake you can do some of your own studying too, as no Doctor seems to get everything right, but not always. My Doctor was Exceptional, and I was lucky he was pro-bono at first! :) Good luck and ask any questions you have I am always open to sharing and helping if I really can... BTW: Is your son under severe Stress? Sometimes that be the jumping board for known stomach, digestive conditions. P.S. if your son is having issues digesting, it is very important he gets his nutrition, look into a drink like ensure or multi-vitamins I lost a lot hair due to malnutrition due to my stomach digestive disorder... and being malnurished will weaken your body and it's will to fight anything
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    • January 4, 2008
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