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Troubles after gallbladder removal

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 10, 2011
  • 11:37 PM

Okay, so a quick rundown of my troubles. I had my gallbladder removed back in about February or so after an excuciating gallstone attack that landed me in the ER. So it`s been about half a year already. Initially, I had some troubles with what seemed to be reflux. Dr perscribed me nexium, which seemed to help, and I was able to eat anything I wanted again. Everything was fine until a little over two months ago when I was perscribed a medication for something unrelated. This brought it back, but this time it has been about 10 times worse. I just about cannot eat anything due to intense burning in my stomach, esophagus, and at times even up in my nose. Tried nexium again, did nothing for me this time. In fact, I noticed sometimes it would seem as if it actually worsened my symptoms, where I would feel the burning in my stomache and a very unpleasant taste in my mouth shortly after taking my nexium. I stopped taking it due to it`s inefficiency as well as the fact I could not afford anymore anyways.

My big problem right now is that it is so bad I barely eat, and I have lost a fair ammount of weight. All in all, I went down from about 130 lbs. to a current weight of 99. I saw my Dr and told him of my concerns. He now thinks I have IBS and has ordered an ultra sound, but it does not make a whole lot of sense to me. My bowel movements could be better, but not overly troubling, it is my stomache and esophagus that is bothering me like before. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I`m going to choke on it, and at times I feel like fainting due to the fact I just cannot eat much. Last week I ended up in the hospital for that very fact. Despite the fact I tell him this, he just does not really seem to take my concerns seriously, especially considering this whole ibs thing he`s suggesting.

I also asked him if it has anything to do with my non existant gallbladder, and if bile would be the culprit of my problems. He told me that wasn`t possible, but stuff i`ve read would suggest otherwise. I am becoming incredibly frustrated with everything, I am worried that if I do not get this figured out soon, I`m just going to deteriorate further from my already severely underweight condition. Sometimes when I lay down my legs hurt because the bones rub together, it freaks me out. I`ve already decided to get a second opinion from someone else later this week, tomorrow if possible at a walk in clinic. But until then, any thoughts or suggestions?

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  • Gall stones are produced as a result of various reasons. The primary reasons are in the event the cholesterol levels inside the bile are far too large when the gallbladder does not drain absolutely. These stones are created from cholesterol as well as other materials which is usually identified within the bile. The gallbladder and gall stones complications could be noticed by various signs, for example, abdomen discomfort on the upper right portion, discomfort in between the shoulder blades or in the back. All these indicators may lead to different well being issues if we ignore them. It truly is extremely uncomplicated to avoid the gallbladder and gallbladder stones problems and not feel the pain which comes with them, and virtually all you've to do is usually to change your consuming practices and start working out. Sustaining your unwanted weight at typical ranges is in all probability the best method to prevent gall bladder problems. Because of this we have to pay a unique care about this issue simply because it has been determined that the risk of gallbladder stones production is greater in obese people. Even so, in case you curently have bodyweight troubles it's extremely crucial to steer clear of fast weight loss. This is something that has to be performed little by little, because speedy weight loss can be a excellent reason for the gallstones to be created. Luckily, this can be prevented in case you talk to your doctor asking for some drugs that have been tested to prevent the development of gall stones. The risk of the creation of gallbladder stones can be dropped if you exercise often. As a protection it is typically sufficient to be personally productive for thirty minutes each day. Being physically energetic will help using the weight and blood cholesterol levels. We've mentioned previously that you simply will need to improve your eating routines. It's genuinely good to create a diet that contains complete grains, dietary fiber, calcium supplements, a lot of fruits, fresh vegetables and nut products but make certain not to ignore any daily meals. Food items rich in cholesterol levels and fat need to be definitely avoided or limited in use. Fats shouldn’t be omitted absolutely since it can have an effect on the clearing of the gall bladder and if you don't forget if the gall bladder does not drain completely it might cause the creation of gall stones. You may easily use fats from olive or maybe canola natural oils and likewise omega-3 efas. Gall stones impact ladies additional than males. The main trigger with this could be the estrogen so you may have to be cautious whenever you strategy to make use of excess estrogen following having menopause or contraceptive pills. That is why it truly is ideal to talk to your physician. As you are able to see gall stones is usually prevented, you merely have to take care about weight and diet and also be active.
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    • September 17, 2011
    • 00:34 PM
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  • I wish I could say that exercise prevented my gall bladder removal, but it did not. Now, 2 1/2 months after my gall bladder being removed, along with the removal of a gall stone in my common bile duct, and an insertion of a pancreatic stent, I still have pain. It was fine the first two months after my procedures, but then the pain in my right side returned and has now migrated below my ribs and onto the lower abdomen. Sometimes the pain will reach to both my kidneys; three weeks ago, the pain only extended to the right kidney. When I am hungry, the noises and feeling that comes from my stomach would terrify a lion. I have diarrhea and sometimes get so dizzy, I almost fall over. Some days are good; others are not so good. I have constant heart burn as well. What I am learning is that I am going to have to live with this. I went to the ER in which they performed the necessary tests and ultra sounds. They found nothing, but an infection somewhere so they diagnosed me with a pelvic infection. I have read post after post of women who have lived with the same thing. I believe these women have saved me multiple doctor visits and tests. I am learning to change what I eat as this is something I am forced to do. As the old adage goes, there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. A lifestyle change isn't a bad thing. I wasn't the worst eater, but I wasn't the best eater either. Rather than wasting my time and money by pursuing a diagnosis of my symptoms, I am simply going to change my diet. I so desperately want to go back to exercising, but I'm afraid the pains make it nearly impossible.If anyone thinks I have a valid concern and should go see a doctor again, please let me know I have a feeling I am on the right track however with simply making a lifestyle change.
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    • January 15, 2012
    • 05:17 PM
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