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Please tell me I am not alone with severe low back pain and gall stones. Dr. says no

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  • Posted By: frustratedinpa
  • September 12, 2012
  • 05:35 PM

I was diagnosed with gall stones, and liver hemangioma only to be sent home in pain with prescriptions to help the pain just because my pain is not upper back pain. I know this lower back pain is related, plus have had the shoulder blade pain and shortness of breath for quite some time. When i was in the hospital I did not address the shoulder pain and shortness of breath because I was not having that at that moment, but only had severe lower back and tummy pain. I wrote a moer detailed post but figured this one was more to the point so hopefully I can find someone who has been there and can help me. Thanks for listening.

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  • Your symptoms sound so similar to what I've been through since September. I am a 52yo female. I had my left ovary out after experiencing major bloating in September. Also had a cystic adrenal tumor removed in same area. Afterward I thought I would recover and go back to work all healed up, but I didn't bounce back. I kept getting worse and being 5'2"/136lbs I started losing weight. After losing 8lbs. going into winter I knew something was wrong because I always gain 5-10. My upper left back ached down and around to front where my left ovary was removed. I was belching a lot and having trouble moving my bowels. Then a week before Thanksgiving I became very ill: bad headache, vomiting, shaking bad, chest pain, high pulse so off to the hospital--released after pain meds and told to follow up with my doctor. I had been seeing my doctor for stomach pain already. They performed a couple tests like blood work, urinalysis, throat culture, ultrasound of abdomen/gall bladder/kidneys, CT of abdomen but everything seemed normal. Then a week after Thanksgiving same thing another bad headache like I thought I was having an aneurysm, vomiting uncontrollably, chest pain, shaking again, back pain, and a fever so back to the hospital where I was admitted for 8 days because they couldn't get the headache and nausea under control and my stomach had stopped working. A MRI of my brain revealed a small meningioma tumor on left side top frontal lobe. After discharge I continued to have problems with my stomach not working so I was scheduled for a MRI of my spine as my arms, legs are weak and my left leg/hip hurt and the back pain is ever present. MRI shows a hemangioma tumor on T5 of spine. I also feel like I have something in my bowel and am scheduled for a visit with my GI doctor for a colonoscopy and a mammogram for better diagnostic picture of hard fibrous cyst deep on rt breast. I'm praying for all to be benign but at this point am glad they are finally figuring things out. September to January is a long haul! I've been in a lot of pain and all I'm getting right now is Topamax 175mg for my migraines. They are whoppers. Kind of feel like my neurologist doesn't give a darn if I'm in pain. I continue to lose weight and I'm still eating and drinking my Boost drinks. No caffeine, soda, or gluten for me! I do recommend herbal teas, raw fruits, veggies, fish, and organics/healthy food choices. Limited red meat. Hopefully you'll get some answers from your health care professionals.
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