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Does a gall bladder attack mimic muscle strain?

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  • Posted By: harleygirl79
  • September 14, 2010
  • 04:22 PM

I am experiencing pain in the right upper quadrant just under my shoulder blades. Came on suddenly last week, was in massive pain for about 36 hours, now its a dull pain but constant. Have experience acid reflux for last 6 months. Had gastric bypass 4 yrs ago, no complications, Had an ultrasound today but do not have results.

Was told in the er it was probably a muscle strain. Any info would be helpful.

Thank you

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  • I would check it out. I am having pain that seems like gallbladder and pretty darn sure it is, but I was wondering if it is just muscles, but I would have it checked out at a doctor's appointment.
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  • There is an increasing number of men and women affected by the gall bladder disease currently. Both adult men and women are affected by this illness but also for some explanation women are much more suffering from it. On the other hand in youngsters and teenagers this illness will come in a light sort and not so often. Specific studies have shown the gallbladder illness is often seen in obese men and women, men and women suffering from high cholesterol levels in bloodstream and men and women having gastro intestinal troubles. Gall stones are regarded as to generally be the main cause of gall bladder illness. They are in the gallbladder causing clog of the access to your bile. If this occurs the purpose of the gallbladder is significantly damaged. Fortuitously, the gallbladder troubles in most instances can be very easily treated with a correct diet and drugs. If the disease is rather severe then your physician may possibly suggest the gallbladder to generally be eradicated. The gall bladder illness is often observed in two varieties: chronic and also acute. In the event of acute gallbladder disease a surgery treatment is generally necessary, but if the disease is chronic then the symptoms aren't so intensive and it might be taken care of very easily. Thankfully, the gall bladder is not a crucial organ. Which means our body can still function correctly if the gallbladder is removed. In case the gall bladder is taken off the liver will start producing bile. People today with removed gallbladder generally encounter intestinal difficulties. Nevertheless, all they should do is to manage their diet plan and minimize your meal portions each and every meal. By doing this our bodies will recognize the lack of gall bladder much less complicated. Whenever a health-related medical procedures is required you can find two operations which are carried out. These are generally: open surgery and laparoscopic surgical procedure. Both medical doctors and sufferers choose the Laparoscopic surgery treatment. It can be generally felt that this type of medical procedures is not dangerous plus the scar issues immediately after it aren't so apparent. With this process surgeons make use of a laparoscope. It is a surgical tool in a form of a hose with a modest camera on it. The incision is small and also the time to recover is very brief. http://www.thegallbladdersymptoms.com/The gallbladder illness is often remedied in several different approaches however it is highly well-advised to talk to your physician when you start experiencing a number of the gall bladder illness signs. It really is much better to act on time and take care of the illness as soon as doable. By doing this useless health troubles will likely be avoided.
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  • Gallbladder stones are formed as a result of various causes. An excessive amount of blood cholesterol in the bile and when the gall bladder doesn't empty totally are the main two causes. The gallstones are produced of blood cholesterol along with other supplies which we can locate inside the bile. There are many signs which often signify complications using the gallbladder and gallstones like abdomen discomfort usually located on the upper-right portion, among the shoulder area or at the back. When we overlook most of these signs or symptoms they may possibly trigger extra well being problems. Luckily we could stop gallbladder problems and stay away from the discomfort related with them really effortlessly by modifying our consuming habits and getting a lot more physically active. Maintaining your unwanted weight at typical levels is in all probability the most effective way to prevent gallbladder difficulties. That is why we have to take care of our bodyweight simply because it has been proven that fat people today come with an elevated risk of gallsotnes complications. In case you have complications together with your weigh you might need to steer clear of fast weight loss. Dropping pounds needs to be slow-moving and continuous if we need to steer clear of the formation of gallstones. Luckily, this might be averted in case you confer with your physician looking for some medicines which have been tested to stop the development of gallbladder stones. Also should you exercise frequently, the potential risk of gallbladder stones could be lessened. As a safety measure it is usually sufficient to be physically productive for thirty minutes per day. This can be useful for maintaining weight at standard stages and keeping your blood cholesterol levels regular too.
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    • September 19, 2011
    • 02:40 AM
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