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Unexplained foot pain, please help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 14, 2007
  • 04:27 AM

7 Months ago I noticed a very small abnormal growth on my left foot, a bump about a few centimeters wide and high. I didn't think much of it other than becoming a little more self-consicous about my feet. Occasionally my left foot would spasm and I would recieve a sharp pain in my left foot while walking up and down the stairs. Also, at times my toes would go numb or feel tingly for a few minutes. At my annual check up in August I had the doctor look at my foot and told her what was going on. She said I probably have a cyst on my foot and refered me to a foot doctor.

I went back to college later that month and my foot began to hurt more and more often, not excruciatingly, but a definite Ouch every time I have to walk. Also, my foot became extremely stiff in the mornings. Over Thanksgiving break I went to the foot doctor and he took some X-Rays and also said I had a cyst. He said the X Rays were normal and that my pain might be caused by the cyst. Then he stuck a needle into my foot, drained the cyst and wrote me a perscription for 500 Milligram Naproxen for the pain.

For a few days the pain was gone, but then it came back stronger than ever. I took the medication but it didn't help at all. The bump on my foot has started to come back, as well as on the curve of the inside of my foot (seperating the heel from the top of my foot) a vein has become enlarged, reddened and is very painful to the touch. Now the pain has spread up my left leg to my knee. I have another appointment with the foot doctor right after Chirstmas, but am wondering if anyone else could tell me what is happening to my foot.

I am a 19 year old caucasian female, with no history of foot problems or injuries before this. I am 5'5" and weigh about 200 pounds. I have a very busy lifestyle that requires me to be on my feet a lot (Im an RA at my college and I volunteer often).

Any information would be very appreciated. Thank you.

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  • This sounds similar to what I've been experiencing for over a year now except that the pain in my foot seems to start at a knot on the ball of my foot and radiates to the outside of my foot and across the outer top of my foot. It is very sensitive and tender/sore when I walk and stiff in the morning. It makes no sense. I had surgery about 3 years ago for a heel spur and the muscle was cut on the bottom of that foot to relieve the tension causing it so I've wondered if this could have something to do with mine. I've been googling everything I can think of and I do remember reading something about a cyst causing pain on the bottom of the foot. I think there is a condition so it might be worth googling. I had seen one foot doctor that wasn't very good before going to the one who did my surgery so I would recommend getting a second opinion if needed. I haven't gone back to the foot doctor because my insurance isn't covering a specialist right now but he had mentioned that it could be a nerve causing the pain the last time I did talk to him out of the office. I would definately get a second opinion if you can.
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  • some similarities with my problem. Started with pain across the top of my foot above the toes about 9 months ago. This spread up the foot and now my biggest problem is a severely swollen ankle with pain all round the ankle. the original area near the toes bruises just with normal handling and is tender. I have been on Naproxen for about 6 months and physio for about 3 months. Tested negative for gout. Having recently visited a consultant, an MRI showed the ankle to be normal, a dopler ultrasound scan showed the leg veins to be normal, but a normal ultrasound on the foot found a Morton's (type)neuroma between middle two toes and a cyst between the big toe and 2nd toe. From what I have read I cant find much to suggest that the neuroma is causing the more widespred swelling, but I guess it might be the cyst. I would be interested to know if anyone else has had this sort of relationship between foot cyst and ankle swelling. I will find out soon what they plan to do about it. Has your doctor ever talked about removing the cyst completely ?
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    • January 10, 2009
    • 03:56 PM
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  • Im so confused right now I amexperiencing the exact same thing but the only difference is that when I went for my appointment on tuesday it had dissapeared. On wednesday morning when I put my shoes on it started to burn, and by night fall when I went to take myshoes offt! and take a bath it had returned. went to the doctor again today and they claim they can't opperate on it from the ER I now have to waitfor another appointment letter in the mail. My ankle is swllen and throbbing. So now I have to suffer!!! very upset. if anybody has any type of feedback for me email me at lady_trendsetta_08@yahoo.com
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  • Since I last posted a reply things have moved on. The pain, stiffness and tenderness has increased and spread up the leg and across to the other ankle. I have some blotchy red/purple markings on my lower legs. Shortly after my last posting I was diagnosed with a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy(RSD) also called complex Regional Pain syndrome(CRPS). It is a pretty uncommon disease. If you google it you will probably be quite frightened by it, but dont be, as it isn't always as severe as most of the reported cases and the milder cases dont tend to get reported. RSD used to be thought of as a disease of the peripheral nervous system and that explained the pain without any evidence of proportional mechanical damage showing up on x-rays and MRIs and it also explained the burning pains that sufferers often get (I dont get these often) .The current thinking about RSD is that it is actually the central nervous system that is responsible, so the drugs they use (amytriptoline, pregabelin, gabapentin) are more to do with the brain. They are helping a little but the main thing is to keep as mobile as possible and Im afraid that means exercising through pain. Since Iv'e been doing that there have been some big improvements. Ive come off Naproxen(it was contributing to the swelling anyway!)and I walk without a stick around 3 miles daily. Although there is a constant background "discomfort" and periodic worse pain, it doesnt stop me doing anything. It took 3 GPs, 2 Physios a podiatrist and 6 different consultants before they finally arrived at this which I now believe to be the correct diagnosis. If you think you might have this you need to avoid icing any swollen joints and avoid any non-essential elective surgery. Hence my "mortons neuroma" will have to stay as I am led to believe that removing it can make the condition much worse. It can flare up and die away again too so it can be frustrating when a medical appointment coincides with a period of remission.
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  • Sorry to hear you were diagnosed with RSD, I too have RSD and know how terrible and fusterating of a disease it is. Its great you have been able to keep moving, one thing though to remember when keeping mobile and doing exercises is that if you feel the pain getting worse you need to know when to stop as its great to keep moving but causing the pain to get worse can make it spread and actually get worse I know this from experience. I myself have had RSD for now 5 years, 3 of them just in the foot and now 2 full body. Does the neuroma cause pain or affect you in a big way? I too had a neuroma but mine was weird it formed on my main nerve on the top of my foot so caused big problems so they froze it. They used ketamine and ran it 24/7 for 5 days after they did it just to keep the pain under control, I did end up in a flare but since it hasnt caused any ill affect or made anything worse. I am sorry it took so many doctors to get to your diagnosis, I know all to well the doctors we have to go through just to get a diagnosis. When I was looking for a diagnosis it took 3 years and 58 doctors in 4 states and since the diagnosis I have seen more than 63 doctors in 9 states for treatment thankfully I have finally found some docs able to help me. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully you will be lucky and it will go into remission. Niki
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