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Itchy & Swollen Foot

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  • Posted By: Sharontbs
  • June 11, 2009
  • 06:26 PM

My son has a rash on his foot and what looks like water blisters...and now it is starting to swell.
A friend of mine told me that its from walking around barefoot in sand where an animal (like a cat or dog) could have went to the bathroom!! Does anyone know what that is called or what I can do to get rid of it....I have given him benadryl to stop the itching!! :confused:

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  • Is it itching him? Here's my story on feet with what looked like blisters underneath. My 2 year old daughter started out itching on the soles of her feet terribly at night - waking her 4 times per night. Took her to the doctor: diagnosed her with contact dermatitis (perhaps the knew shoes we bought her?). Gave us 2% cortisone and one week. Went back in week later because she started to show a new rash very similar to a reaction to soap...eczema like..,.on her torso and her foot itch was getting worse. She had a line of red dots on one wrist and a red dot on her other palm. Doctor diagnosed her with having scabies! We did the treatment that night (permithin 5%) and every else that goes along with it (laundry, etc.). I took her to see a dermatologist a couple days later to try to confirm diagnoses and he said he didn't see any evidence of her having scabies and that is would be very unlikely for her to contract it (she's not in day care). He thought the original diagnoses was more like it (contact dermatitis)...BUT, he said, since we had done treatment already he could only speculate.So....I'm assuming the scabies diagnoses is actually correct, as the redness and swelling on her feet has subsided. Still a little rash other spots, but that is typical with post-scabies healing.What your friend might be worried about is hookworm, but only happens in very warm/tropical places. Go here for more info: http://health.howstuffworks.com/how-to-prevent-traveling-infections2.htmHe could have stepped on something to cause irritation too. My pediatrician did say it is very common for kids to have red splotchy feet! Be careful at parks with them being barefoot...if you're in an urban area like us, there could be very bad things like needles, glass, etc.Hope this helps. With any rash that lasts more than a week, you should see your pediatrician, as there could be a million reasons for it.
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  • Some people will get fluid-filled bubbles/blisters when they get a fungal infection. Fungus is the most common cause of a blistering and itchy rash on the feet. Take your son to a dermatologist and they can do a test in the office to confirm. The second-most common reason to have itchy bubbles on the feet is dishydrotic eczema. This will usually respond only to a strong steroid cream.
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