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  • Posted By: Asia777
  • November 27, 2007
  • 11:36 PM

I have lived witha foot deformity all my life. My mother said that when i was first born my feet were normal shape and size. But then one day she said when i was like 5 or 6 she looked down and said that my feet were changing and looking weird. However we were poor and she never sought out to get me treatment while i was young and i now feel it may be permanent

i have all 5 toes on each foot, but my second toe on each foot is longer than the first. then, on both feet, my third and fourth toes are shorter than usual size, almost like they belonged to someone much younger. only my pinkie toe and my big toe are normal size
its like the stopped growing but i wasnt born with it.
also i have fallen arches and my feet look a little swollen every day of my life,puffy
i went to a doctor when i was 16 and they said that my condition is very rare,in fact they said it was hereditary from my dad, but my dad has NO symptoms. they also said that my dis-ease is only seen in seniors as in 60-70 year olds! i want to know why in my young life do i have to suffer. it is also connected to my spine, and i will have the opportunity of being hunchback as well. What caused this dis-ease to grow in me so young if it is only seen in 60 70 year olds?
ive been this way well noticed since i was only 7. that means im aging10x faster.
i am now 22
the cleveland foot and ankle clinic told me i can get cosmetic surgery to change the raptor look, but i will still be sick. they also said the pointless surgery is abot 10000 and frankly told me i was too poor to get help.
i dont wear sandals i barely ever take off my shoes my feet feel numb most of the time if i stand up too long i sway from side to side. i have no balance in my feet and i have no balance in my life either. i need a prayer more than a diagnosis, but what do they give you if your genetically growing old fast,a lolipop?

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  • Hi asia777 sorry to hear about your troubles, it sounds as though you have a condition similar to something called mortons foot type. This is a condition where the first metatarsal or big toe is shorter than it should be, it can cause fallen arches or foot pronation which can affect your posture. Podiatrists sometimes treat this with special shoes, and orthotic inserts i would think this approach is worth considering. It is terrible that you cant get proper treatment in such a wealthy country, check this site out it may be of some help www.answers.com/topic/morton-s-toe if you can remember the specific name the doctor gave you for your condition i could look it up it sounds as though you have something that is more serious than mortons foot.
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    • November 29, 2007
    • 10:29 PM
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