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  • Posted By: mforbes1974
  • January 12, 2007
  • 08:24 PM

Does anyone have hypermobility or hyperflexibility of their fingers? This is one of the many symptoms I have right now related to my hands, joints, etc.
They say possibly autoimmune, lupus, RA, Lyme disease.
Any ideas about the main causes of this?

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  • i'm not sure if this what u mean or not, but i had hyperextention of my mp joint in my ring finger and they had to operate on my tendon.
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  • Have you seen a rheumatologist to be tested for Hypermobility syndrome or Ehlers danlos syndrome? Have a look on googe for these conditions and see if the symtoms match yours. ehlers-danlos.org gives very clear info and advice about these conditions. (Go to my homepage for the link I can't put websites on here)Midge
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  • :confused:ive just been diagnosed with this hyperflex disorder today! i have had trigger finger for about 3 years now and had a cortisone injection exactly a year ago which made no difference! i have also had tennis elbow in that same arm.i saw my doctor again today because it has gotten very painful and is stopping me being able to do certain things and he has given me "naproxen" anti-inflammitories for a couple of weeks then go back if they dont work.they are also keeping an eye on my thyroid to make sure its not underactive which could be causing all this.im sick of it now and wish they would hurry up and get to the bottom of it:mad:
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  • Can anyone help me ?Im 15 and have a huge problem with my bones and joints. My knees, and hips prevent my from doing sport because they click at arkward times which immediatley sends me to the floor in pain, i cant walk very well because of my hips, my elbows click alot and its very painful, and this sounds strange but my hands have grown really big and my bones are mis shapen, this menas i cant write for a long period of time, as im doing my GCSE's im doing alot of writng at school. I visitied a doctor, and she told me to take ibruprofen, and messed around my my joints, this has made it alot worse, and the ibruprofen isnt doing anything. Ive taken cod liver oil, i drink lots of milk, and i eat healthy and drink lots of water and im not over weight.
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    • October 12, 2008
    • 00:25 PM
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  • In response to the person who asked about their fingers I have this also. I can bend them at the 1st. joint. I would guess that you are probably hyperflexible to some degree. In regards to the young lady with joint pain & limitations in activity. Based on what you wrote I wonder if you are hyperflexible also but in a more extreme manner. Does anyone in your close family have similar symptoms or hyperflexible?. In my situation my Mother was VERY Dbl. jointed. I only have it primarily in my hip & pelvic region. It never really gave me any problems till I was in an accident. Now my R. knee & R. leg pop out(pelvis is always tilted upward on R.). My Husb. has to pull it back in sometimes but I can usually do it myself if I address it quickly. Have you read up on Ehlers or Marfan syndrome?. Based on your description I would read up on these. They are both a form of Hyperflexability/ Hypermobile disorder. I just had a Dr. indicate he thought I had Marfan to some degree but I'm not leaping on that diagnosis yet. I have been doing alot of reading & it IS the closest match yet. What is confusing is it wasn't a "problem" until the accident. I'am 39 now so maybe age is making it worse. I would see a specialist/Rheumatologist before I start making too many guesses.Take Care,Lucci Med. Asst.
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    • December 27, 2008
    • 07:47 PM
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