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My symptoms - does it sound like fibro?

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  • Posted By: lilcee
  • July 15, 2008
  • 07:46 PM

These are my symptoms. Does it sound like fibromyalgia?

Pain in back, shoulders and neck. Especially in the morning - neck and shoulders are really stiff and soar.
Hurts to lay down on back. Sometimes it hurts to wear a bra, any pressure on my back makes it hard to breath and hurts. My husband is good about giving me a message. He says he can feel some "puffy" spots in my back sometimes. Like little knots and they really hurt.

Pain down back of legs - especially behind knees.
Sometimes pain in chest - mostly on right side along chest bone. Feeling like I can't get a good breath or that I'm getting a bear hug or something heavy is sitting on my chest.
Itchy skin with no rash

Sometimes light headed and sweating
It's weird but I have this around the same time at night - around 8-9 PM
(maybe hormonal? - I'm 61 female)

Yesterday I started getting pains in my fingers

I've been to 2 different chiropractors with no help. In fact, I think the ajustments made me feel worse. Have a lot of inflammation that flares up.
Had xrays that showed I have digentative disks and some curve in spine.

Had a chest xray in Feb because I was having trouble breathing - couldn't get a good breath and felt all out of breath after walking short distances.
It took them 4 months to tell me it was ok. I had to keep calling them to find out the results. My blood work was good, had an ekg for heart (only took them about 1 min) said my heart was ok.
I'm trying to find a better Dr but until then, I was wondering if this sounds like fibro. I have all but 1 of the tender pts. and hurt all over - especially in the mornings when I get up - all stiff and sore.

Sorry this is so long. Just needed to talk to someone I guess.
Thanks for listening


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  • I am a 31 yr old female and I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia this week after 7 months of consent pain. I went to one Rhuemtologist who referred me to another Nuerologist to another Rhuematologist and after three visits with him he diagnosed me with Fibro. My symptoms are a little differnt then yours but everybody's symptoms are different. My pain is mostly in my legs. I get deep aches and cramps but mostly burning pain and pins and needles and numbess. My upper body feels achy. I did have the severe itchiness and stiffness like you. The Dr gave me Relefin for this and it really helped those symptoms. Now I am going to try Cymbalta and Lyrica for the pain. My other Dr put me on perocet 3 months ago so I am trying to ween myself off because my doctor said narcotics can actually make Fibromyalgia worse. He also told me people that had or have migraines, TMJ, PMDD, IBS, overactive bladder, anixety,depresssion, or post tramatic syndrome are more likey to have Fibromyagia they all come from the same family. I had TMJ(lock jaw and pain) back in high school have suffered from migraines,over active bladder and IBS. The Dr also said that Fibromyalgia is heriditary I had never heard that before. He also said the sleep is very important and living a routine lifestyle. He told me I woudl have to learn to say no and know that I can do all the things other 31 yr olds can do. I work full time and have four children and a husband that is a fire fighter that can be gone weeks at a time. My doctor has taken me off work till Oct so I can decide if I want to keep working. Stress plays a big factor is fibromyalgia symptoms he told me to reevaluate my lifestyle and relationships. He also told me it is very important to eat healthy and do a little bit of exersise each day so more problem won't come later on. I also use Lidoderm patch I can use three at a time and cut them in half and put them in the places that hurt the most. Hot baths and heating pads help. Another thing to remember is that the Dr told this is not in your mind it is in your brain. It is a problem how your brain perceives pain and once it is damaged the pain your perceive pain will be hightened.Sorry so long but hope my experince might help you. Take care
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    • August 16, 2008
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