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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 15, 2007
  • 03:07 AM

I've had fibromyalgia since I was in my mid-thirties. I was achey, depressed, tired, foggy-headed, and cranky. The house was a mess because it hurt to bend over and pick things up. Vacuuming always laid me up for a day. I quit gardening.

About five years ago, I quit drinking milk because we found my son was allergic. I decided not to have any in the house so he wouldn't feel like he was missing out. After two or three weeks, I realized that I was feeling so much better! I'm 50 now, and the only thing that is still a problem is occasional mild achiness. My tiredness, depression, fog and crankiness are gone. I now do not drink any milk or eat any milk products - not even chocolate which I love. No cheese, icecream, or anything like that. It makes eating out hard, and I do take a calcium supplement, but I've learned that even one mouthful of dairy will make me miserable for several weeks.

My doctor supports my eliminating dairy. She said there is medical evidence that dairy products can cause an inflammatory reaction in some individuals. Turns out, I'm one of them. I have talked to several others who also said they do better without milk products.

Hope this helps some of you.

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  • :) Is'nt it funny that something so simple can accomplish so much. Thank's for the Up-beat report, it was refreshing!:) ;) :)
    hogndog 426 Replies
    • January 15, 2007
    • 03:46 AM
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  • Bravo!!! I love success stories!! I too was diagnosed in 1992 with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and it was a very bad year!!! My Medical doctors all wrote me off and told me to get on disability, etc. God was on my side- through a friend I found a wornderful Chiropractor / Nutritionist and she gave me my life back! She found I was "allergic" to milk (first thing she tested for):) and a myriad of other things that I had no idea about. After building myself up, I could drink milk or use dairy but only with enough acidopholus;(2 years later). I still take daily acidopholus to assist with my digestion. With a proper diet for ME and adrenal and glandular support, I was much better in 10 months. What didn't kill me has made me stronger and and I've since dedicated my life to helping others feel well and obtain balance. I've been a massage therapist since what I've dubbed "the dark time of lesson" and am currently studying to be an Acupuncture Physician/herbalist. We have a patient in our student clinic that presents with Fibro and it is quite debilitating for her. She takes tons of medicines and sleeps in shifts (according to her dosage times) and since she has been coming to us- she feels sooo much better. We address her pain level, her stress (relaxation points), abdominal difficulties (constipation due to pain meds is common) and work with her on many other levels. It has been a battle for her- but little by little she sees the light at the end of the tunnel!!! She also takes herbs and vitamins from us to boost her own ability to heal and as she feels better- she is eliminating the bad stuff from her life. Foods that trigger attacks, Diet Coke (BIG TRIGGER FOR FIBRO PATIENTS AND AN ALL ROUND POISON!!:eek: She's gone to another Dr. that is open to her "wellness plan" and her weekly acupuncture treaments and he is working on reducing her meds and CHECKING THEM TO SEE WHICH ONES COUNTERACT OTHER ONES!!! This is a GOOD DOCTOR!!! She's showing some progressive liver problems that stem from ALL THE DRUGS SHE IS TAKING AND THE LIVER HAS BECOME TOXIC AS A RESULT. AT THE CLINIC, SHE HAS BEEN DIRECTED TO TAKE MILK THISTLE AND OTHER CHINESE HERBS TO STRENGTHEN THE LIVER SO IT CAN DO ITS JOB AND RID THE BODY OF ALL THE TOXIC WASTE THAT HAS BEEN PUT IN IT!! iT'S SAD TO SEE SO MANY FIBRO PATIENTS SUFFER UNNECESSARILY DUE TO IGNORANCE BY THEIR DOCTORS OR LACK OF EDUCATION ON THEIR PART TO THEIR OWN DISEASE CONDITION. MANY FOODS ARE TRIGGER ALLERGENS AND THEY CAUSE AN INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE IN THE JOINTS AND MUSCLE TISSUE AS THE BODY IS TRYING TO GET RID OF THEM. LOTS OF WATER IS KEY TO HELP KEEP THINGS FLUSHED OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE AND SO MUCH JUNK WON'T SETTLE IN THE MUSCLES AND JOINTS OF THE PATIENT. MASSAGE IS AN EXCELLENT TOOL FOR RIDDING THE BODY OF THESE TOXINS. MANY OF MY MASSAGE CLIENTS/PATIENTS ARE DIAGNOSED WITH FIBRO OR CFS OR SOME TYPE OF AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS. THEY KNOW THEY CAN GET RELIEF FROM MANUAL MANIPULATION OF TISSUES AND SOME OF THEM ARE LACKING IN HUMAN CONTACT OR INTERACTION AND MASSAGE MAKES THEM FEEL BETTER EMOTIONALLY TOO (PSYCHO/SPIRITUALLY). YOURS IN HEALTH
    1111healer 106 Replies
    • January 15, 2007
    • 04:02 AM
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  • ;) My all around treatment consists of two elements; # 1 turmeric; # 2 milk thistle, both in combanation will do you a world of good. As Always, In His Service.:) :)
    hogndog 426 Replies
    • January 15, 2007
    • 04:24 AM
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  • This may be of interest to the posters in this section and it definately supports the original poster's working hypothesis. Elimination Diet May Ease Fibromyalgiahttp://www.celiac.com/st_prod.html?p_prodid=120&p_catid=90&sid=91hH9H1js57CAbH-27107291657.69 "In the study, researchers reviewed the medical charts of 17 fibromyalgia patients who agreed to eliminate items such as corn, wheat, dairy, citrus, soy and nuts from their diets for at least two weeks. After the elimination of the foods, nearly half of the patients reported a significant reduction of pain, and 76% reported a reduction in other symptoms such as bloating, heartburn, headache, fatigue, and breathing difficulties. Two patients, however, reported an increase in symptoms. After the two-week period the patients were re-introduced to the foods one at a time every 2-3 days, and many of their symptoms returned. The most common problem-causing foods for the patients in the study were corn, wheat, dairy, citrus and sugar. Dr. Edman emphasized that the findings of the study are preliminary and more research in this area needs to be done." The two patients who reported an increase of symptoms are likely to be addicted to the food causing them problems (creation of opioids is one potential phase of food intolerance). It is also statistically likely that the two patients who experienced no change were not successful in eliminating allergens from their diet because of how commonly additives are poorly labeled - or that they less common food intolerances that were not eliminated in the diet at all.
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  • Elimination Diet is what saved me! There was also a report published on pubmed that was on a study of natural alternative treatment for FM sufferers that overwhelmingly supported diet exercise acupuncture, etc for the treatment of Fm. I'll get the link and post it.
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