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Autoimmune thyroiditis and chronic fatigue connection

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  • March 21, 2008
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Autoimmune thyroiditis and chronic fatigue connection:

This research article that was reprinted on an MD's website, was originally published by the Townsend Letter For Doctors and Patients.

In this study, not only were patients with chronic fatigue found to have autoimmune thyroiditis as the cause of it, but they were suffering this hypothyroid symptom of severe fatigue, despite having normal TSH levels.

The article also points out the importance of FNA biopsy to diagnose chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, due to antibodies tests alone, sometimes failing to identify it.

"Fine-needle aspiration cytology of the thyroid gland was performed on 219 patients complaining of fatigue of more than one year’s duration. Eighty-seven patients (40%) were found to have definite histological evidence of chronic lymphocytic (autoimmune) thyroiditis.


Most doctors will rule out a diagnosis of hypothyroidism if the TSH level is normal. The results of this study, however, suggest that chronic autoimmune thyroiditis is associated with clinical hypothyroidism, even in the presence of normal TSH values."


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  • This soundlike what I"ve been experiencing the past year especially. Loss of hair, TIRED, and I've already got fibro. I tested positively for Hypothyroid several months ago and was started on Levothyroxine. I had adverse reactions...irritability,nausea... so the Dr took me off it. She said to come back for a repeat tsh in two months. I know the tsh alone will not show low levels as did the previous tests. My neuro ordered all the thyroid tests when I saw him for the initial consult. I had surgery on my right arm just before Thanksgiving...compartment syndrome from the contrast during a CT scan injected into my forearm instead of vein (80cc's). complete fasciotomy of right forearm...flared my fibro into almost unbearable proportions. I am now doing aqua tx 3 d/wk for fibro and 2-3x/wk in clinic for arm and resulting impingement of shoulder as well as tendonitis.I"m a mess right now, but still think I may feel better taking a low dose of thyroid replacement hormone! My hair has begun to fall out again...and I wake about 2-4am from pain and wind up staying up for the day. I'm so tired. how do I get my dr to order these tests? She's already showing the all too frequent signs of giving up on me. thank you for your help:)
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    • February 25, 2009
    • 02:43 AM
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  • Cathrine, this is a well know problem. I have gone through it as well. My only advice is to change doctors until you find one that will treat. I had bad symptoms with a TSH of 2. I had to wait 9 months until my TSH went past the upper limit of 4,3. I was lucky to have a doctor that was willing to treat me as soon as i passed that limit tho. Not everyone is that lucky.
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    • February 25, 2009
    • 07:15 AM
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  • It's nice to know someone else has gone thru the same thing. I have already changed doctors a number of times and even though I don't like my pcp any more, I hesitate to change Dr's again. I also have chronic pain issues from fibromyalgia and nerve damage from a back surgery. I have a separate dr for pain management, thank God, so maybe moving to another dr in the clinic wouldnt be viewed as "dr hopping"! I think I will just be brave and ask for the specific thyroid tests along with the tsh. It was the specific ones that put me on the meds in the first place. we'll see how she responds. If she objects, I'll just ask the other one!!!
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    • February 26, 2009
    • 03:28 AM
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  • Good for you! I have to remind myself to be brave and just ask my doctor to have my thyroid further tested too. My TSH was 2 last year but since then my eyelids have swollen up A LOT. My eyelashes are thinning and I've put on weight. My T3/T4 has never been tested though. Of course, I'm chronically exhausted with the fibromyalgia too so it's really hard to figure out if thyroid could be contributing. I found a site www.drlowe.com that had info on hypothyroid with fibromyalgia too. I'm glad to find this post showing more evidence of the thyroid/FM connection... I'm not the only one!
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  • i have had fibromyalgia for a number of years now.At the start of july i got dirrerea all day every day for 7 weeks. I have recently had a neuclear study done and it says consider autoimmune thyroiditis, I first was told i had graves disease. because the blood tests says i had graves i went on medication now I dont have it, i have to slowly wean myself off, wait for 3 weeks and get thyroid tested again....I was diag with,hyperthyroidism,,,are they so similar that they getting confused or what...The hard part is the waiting game.You are not alone in this......hope we get answers soon...:confused:
    kezzbb 2 Replies
    • October 4, 2012
    • 08:44 AM
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