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Low FSH Levels/PCOS

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 2, 2008
  • 04:36 AM

I am 31 years old and have been having irregular cycles lasting between 40-45 days. In addition, I have experienced a 15 pound weight gain within the last 8 months without a change in my diet or exercise habits. I recently went in to have some blood work done and was told that my FSH level was less than 0.3 and that my blood work indicates PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). My OBGYN has suggested that I go see a Reproductive Endocrinologist to be further evaluated, as she feels that it may be related to a pituitary disorder. I'm wondering what could cause low FSH levels, PCOS, etc. I'm trying to eduate myself a little bit before my appointment. I would greatly appreciate any information that can be provided. Thanks!

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  • low FSH levels are't necessarily caused by a pituitary problem. If your LH is double your FSH levels that is considered the only definitive test of PCOS (which is a cluster of symptoms hence "syndrome". If your hormone levels indicated a high prolactin level then possible a pituitary microadenoma is involved and there is a common treatment for it. PCOS is a fairly common syndrome with a simple treatment: metformin (to correct the insulin resistance and allow your body to operate more efficiently), progesterone to stimulate periods and, if you do not ovulate, clomid, (as decreased fertillity is a symptom).
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    • September 28, 2008
    • 10:55 PM
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  • OMG.. I am 31 as well, and going thru the same thing.FSh levels are .4 last week and now 0.2 this week. I am having irregular cycles too
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  • I have the same symptoms. I am 31. Diagnosed with PCOS. My FSH-1.0, LH-1.3. Isn't it too low? I read it may be related to pituitary.
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    • August 11, 2009
    • 06:15 AM
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  • im 25 and have been told i have low levels of FSH and LH and have experienced weight gain. Can anyone help?
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    • August 25, 2009
    • 02:43 PM
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  • Me too! I am 18 and my FSH levels have been consistently .2 with estrogen in the 20's and 30's. My LH has been as low and also .7 (which is still low) I have low thyroid (it's stabilized because I am on levothyroxine), low blood pressure (constantly walking around with 80/40's), low B12, low blood sugar (with occasional surges). My mom has hoshimotos. I have been really with a multitude of symptoms. I have an appointment with an reproductive endocrine doc this month. I don't know what's the culprit. It's devastating. Anyone ideas? It would not only help me but others suffering from these debilitating symptoms.
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    • January 6, 2010
    • 05:01 AM
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  • I am a 30 year old mother of two, on Yasmin. FSH 0.5, hot flashes, weight gain.
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  • I am a 46yo mom to 6 who has had 9 mc, 5 in the last 18mos. FSH was 5 Jan 2009 and now Aug 2010 is Any ideas or help appreciated.MB
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  • I am a 46yo mom to 6 who has had 9 mc, 5 in the last 18mos. FSH was 5 Jan 2009 and now Aug 2010 is Any ideas or help appreciated.MBHey, MB127. Have you been tested for Antiphospholipid Syndrome? It is a somewhat little known condition (even among OBGYN's) that is a major cause of mc's. Just thought I'd give you something to Google...
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    • December 28, 2010
    • 01:29 AM
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  • well PCOS is a equitably widespread syndrome with a straightforward treatment: metformin (to correct the insulin opposition and permit your body to function more efficiently), progesterone to stimulate time span and, if you manage not ovulate, clomid,
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  • I am 43 years old and for the first time in over 30 years (besides when I was pregnant with my daughter 21 years ago) I have missed my period this month. I became concerned because I thought I might be pregnant. I took 3 home pregnancy tests after being late 10 days on my period. I started to experience light cramping and made an appt with my OBGYN. They had me take another unine pregnancy test and that came out negative. In the midst of all this I started to experience premenapausal symptoms such as night sweats and weight gain and now with the missed period I thought for sure I was going through the change of life. My OBGYN orders some hormone tests to see if I might be going through menopause. My FSH level came out to be 1.2 (I checked online). My doctor hasn't called me back yet to review the results but isn't that too low to be going into menopause? I thought the higher the levels of FSH is when you are/should be going into menopause. So I would like to know what you think might be happening. When I looked online at the FSH 1.2 level, experts said that something might be going on with my pituitary gland. Any advice would be great. OR even if someone has expereinced the same. Sincerely Elizabeth
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  • Hi! I came across this thread a few minutes ago and wish to share my site fshlevels.org with you. I will be adding some new articles over the next few weeks as I have some free time due to summer vacation.When FSH levels are higher than normal infertility may occur among women. During most cases of female infertility, testing for ovarian reserve is now a standard process to measure reproductive capability.
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  • Just came acroas this thread because I have missed a period and have a fsh level of 1.81 doctor has not yet called back about my results what may be causing this?
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    • October 7, 2015
    • 06:17 PM
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