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Recurring yeast infections (4 in one year)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 22, 2018
  • 05:11 PM

I started having sex for the first time in 2017 when my boyfriend visited for a few days, (we are long distance and he’s visited me four times now, each time has been days or weeks long ), and a few weeks after he visited I got a classic yeast infection. Every symptom was clear, and it was my first one, I didn’t go to the doctor and self diagnosed and got Monistat. It cleared up and I thought that was over. I’ve gotten a yeast infection every time my boyfriend visits, it starts to develop weeks after though. The third time I got the infection was in June, after he visited all of May, and I decided this time I’d go to planned parenthood since my symptoms weren’t clear, I just had strange discharge and it smelled different, not horrible but just not how I usually smell. They tested me and said it’s a yeast infection, they gave me a pill, fluconazole, and it didn’t work, I then bought 3 day Monistat which worked after a week, and I was at my boyfriends house visiting him during the treatment. After the treatment was over I had sex with him, and this time it was unprotected because I started birth control (which I recently stopped), so I don’t think condoms cause my infections. Currently I have symptoms again of a yeast infection, just strange discharge (it’s not cottage cheese like) and different smell and very light, occasional itching. My question is, Does anyone have any advice? Is it possible he’s giving it to me, through penetration or oral? I try to clean up right after sex, I shower, and try everything to stay dry after, but I still get them. I have a lot of stress and I eat horribly, but I never got them until I started being sexually active.

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  • Actually this is very common and more depends on how clean your partner is then you! This has happened to me for many years and later on, to my daughter and now my granddaughter, as well. Ask your partner to shower first, if possible. If that's not do-able, at least wash his privates, his hands AND maybe brush his teeth and take a swig of mouthwash. The fact is simple, yeast is all around us. Old timers (like me) used to leave bread dough out (Amish friendship bread) to leaven because yeast is in the air around us. If your partner is not clean he/she can carry yeast right inside you. Depending on how strong your immune system is, it can either fight it off with minimal problems or can take days/weeks for the yeast to multiple enough to cause symptoms. In my case, it is usually within 2-3 days. Repeated infections can make you more susceptible to future infections and worse one. If your partner really cares they won't mind taking the extra precautions. Monistat works best !!!
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