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Please help!!!!! Hsv results

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  • Posted By: babygurl02
  • February 10, 2010
  • 04:09 PM

I just recieved my blood work resultes for Herpes Simplex, IGG. It states HSVIGG- TYPE 1 *>5.00 H and the same for HSVIGG- TYPE 2. I never had an outbreak or no symptoms at all, either has my boyfriend. We are not sure if he has it since he was not tested. But we are not sure who gave it to who but we are dealing with this together and figuring if i have it he does too. We do have oral sex and neither of us has gotten anything from that either. If i saw anything or he did we would have been checked immediatly but nothing was ever there. We have been together for a 1 1/2 years and live together so we see each other all the time and we never noticed anything!!!! I have not even had a cold sore in a year or so. I heard that you can spread it without having any symptoms, does this mean at any point in time it could be active? Oral sex a def. no? I am so confused about all this. I was tested in 2005 and was negative for type 2, and i had no symptoms since then. I am very cautious and this is why i don't understand and i never had an outbreak. I think i would know if i had something down there esp. since i shave. and i read the symptoms for internal and never had any of them either! I get a pap every 6 months due to having HPV which i just had to have a colposcopy done to make sure it is low grade and not high grade. I never had the warts just the cervical part. I think if i had something the dr would see it. Everything is ok with that, but now all this! Could this be a reason the numbers are high to give a false postive reading? Why are my numbers so high? Could it be incorrect? does it mean i have herpes type 2 down there? How does that affect us having kids and having sex to have kids? I am confused, and my doctors office will not tell me anything over the phone and i have to wait 2 weeks for an appointment!!!!!!!!!!! Also if i (we) do have it. . . what about when i (we) get a bath can the kids (we have 2 kids) get it that way, or by using the same wash cloth?
Thanks in advance

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  • Hello. I too have HSV and have done a lot of research on it after being diagnosed a little over 2 years ago. First of all the best site I have found for accurate information. http://www.herpeshealth.ca/ . You can also go to the Center for Disease Control's website but even their info is limited.Next I want to tell you that if your numbers are there...you do have the virus there is no doubt. There are many people that have the virus and have never had an "outbreak". Whether this is fact or if they just had such a slight outbreak that they did not realize it is in question. My first outbreak was mistaken by me and my doctor for a yeast infection. If I had not known that I had been exposed and insisted on a blood test...I never would have known. Also my outbreaks since then have been so mild, again...If I did not know, I would never think that I had it. The symptoms for Herpes II can range from anything from blisters to a slight itch similar to a slight case of jock itch or a yeast infection. You get a little itch...it goes away, you think nothing about it.Some people get a slight rash or a feeling like a slight sunburn. It can be ANYWHERE on the body that a pair of boxer shorts would cover. So the tops of your thighs to the bottom of your belly. The nerves that are affected run through that whole area and that is where it comes to the surface. Also if you have Herpes II vaginally, it is "almost" impossible to get it orally. Once you have it in one "Region" your body builds antibodies to it in other areas. You boyfriend should get tested as if he does not have it there are medications that you can take to help prevent spreading to him. Nothing is 100%. Even with condoms and meds...there is still a chance of spreading. You can spread the virus at anytime, outbreak or not. Also you should know that you can carry the virus for years an not have symptoms but still pass it on. I know a lady that had it for 10 years before having their first breakout. I know many who have had it for 3 or 4 years and have not had a breakout. Also...If you have EVER had a cold soar, you have Herpes I. That is what a cold soar is and once you have it, it is in your system for life. It can be spread with or with our a soar being present. By the age of 40, 90% of all Americans have Herpes I. I hope this helps to answer any questions that you had. Good luck and best wishes to you in life and in your relationship.
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    • February 24, 2010
    • 06:36 PM
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