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itchy red bumps and swallon

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  • Posted By: marketcookie
  • September 5, 2010
  • 08:13 PM

I am freaking out about this condition that i have. 2 weeks ago, I had what felt like a urinary track infection (had them before), slight fever and exhaustion so I went to the gyno. I got tested for UTI, pap smear, and blood work because I have a new partner. He swears he has no STD, but I wanted to make sure. All the symptoms went away the following day. On Wed., me and my partner had sex (little rough). The next day it itched a little down there. That same next night it itched so bad that I went and got a wet papertowl to put on my vagina so I could sleep (since it relieved the pain), I now understand that was probably a bad idea. I woke up and the lips and outer lips of my vagina were red, with tiny tares of blood. I went to the store and bought vagisil. Right before I put it on, I noticed that there were bumps on the outer and inner lips and one side of the inner lip was very inflamed. The bumps are only located on the outer lips and on the one inner lip (some of the bumps are spread out and some are clumped together)The vagisil helped a lot. BUT when I looked again about an hour after i put the vagisil on, i noticed that the bumps had a tiny white dot in the center. They do not look like blisters, but I can't really tell because they are pretty small. I still got scared that it might be herpes. I called the doctor and the assistant said all the test results came back negative (including the blood work for herpes). I read that sometimes one person can have it and never show signs and even not pass it to their partner the first couple times. He swears he doesn't have it. We have been having sex for a few months. Is it possible he finally gave it to me after i got tested??? Should I get tested AGAIN? or is it possible that this is a yeast infection or some sort of irritation from the sex. I do not have a fever (since two weeks ago and it was very low), no swallon glands. No pain in my stomach, no cramping. Just severe itching and those bumps (white spots went away) and about 2 hours after I put on the vagisil, the pain comes back and if I am out doing things, it not only itches, but feels bruised or like a strong rush of blood has flowed to my vagina and i want to come home and lay down rather than stand. And I know I should not have done this without a diagnosis, but I took monstat 1 (inserting liquid kind) last night thinking it was a yeast infection. Do not feel better or worse from it. Should I get tested again? I got to wait until after the holiday. Is there a large chance that this isn't herpes (it will not reduce the chances of me getting tested again..doing that regardless, but will lower my anxiety) Thanks for your help

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