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Gyno says I'm normal?

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  • Posted By: LisaLisa
  • April 29, 2009
  • 04:15 AM

Hello. Hoping someone can help me.

About a month ago I got this crazy itching around my vaginal opening. Without going to the doctor I went to the chemist and got a thrush treatment. However the itchying didn't stop after two days so I went to the doctor. It was a week later when I got to see a female doctor. By then the itching had stopped except when my vagina made contact with soap. I now also had these little lumps (about three close together) just outside the opening. I suppose I can describe them as skin-tags- mole like in appearance, but they are normal skin coloured. She said they were just skin part of my vagina and sent me away.

A week later I had a thick clear rubber discharge one morning, and soon after a white thick creamy discharge. I went back to the doctor. They ran a vaginal smear and stds checks. All came back clear (I had already been cleared a month early from stds and such with my pap test two months earlier).

So again I went home, but felt something was not right 'down there'. My partner of three years said it felt different. The inside felt lumpy like never before, and the parts where you open the lips to reveal underneath seem to have much bigger lumps than before. There have always been little porous normal lumps there- but they were more prominant. I have also been getting weird crampy feelings in my lower abdomen.

So I went to a gyno, but he said he could see nothing wrong. He said the lumpyness in my vagina was just inflammation and said the lumps down the bottom are just excess skin and the mass of little lumps at the top are nothing- just more prominant than usual vaginas. He said I have probably just never noticed them before.

So I was pretty peeved. Cause I paid this guy $150 for him to patronise me, when I do know what those lumps at the top did not look that prominant a month ago and these symptoms all came together at once time. I still have a funny 'sensation' at my opening every now and then.

My partner hasn't caught anything from me.
Anyone got any ideas?

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  • I really think that you need to get a second or third opinion.Make sure you write down your questions, and if you get a flippant or evasive answer, do not back down.The doctor has a duty to you to investigate any vulvar and vaginal changes you are having.good luck.
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  • This could be cancerous genital warts from HPV. A friend of mine had hers removed. She described them to me, just the way that you did. You really do need to get a second, a third, and a fourth opinion before it gets bad. Some people have HPV for years before they know it. I thought I was just diagnosed with HPV in February for the first time and I blamed it on my current boyfriend. But my new gyno said that I could have had it as early as I became sexually active 8 years ago. I honestly dont believe this. I still think my new boyfriend gave it to me from his last girlfriend, but you never know. Go get it checked out again!!!! PRONTO!!!
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