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Chronic Bv

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  • Posted By: ketluv06
  • June 30, 2007
  • 10:37 PM

I have been suffering with BV/YI for a lil over 4yrs now. It all started after the birth of my first child. Just like many of you have tried everything under the sun from topical to inetevaginal and oral medications and NOTHING has worked for me:( My doc even reccomended I see a derm who looked at me like i was crazy and basically tolld me he does not deal with vaginal problems. The itching has intensified due to me scratching so much that my skin down there has lil tears. I am at my breaking point and am i guess depressed.
Yesterday i went out and bought ultimate 10 probiotic by Vitamin Shoppe. I am hoping and praying that this will bring me some type of relief!! Tonight I will do the yogurt plus capsule in the vagina. Is there anything else u guys can reccomend for me to do to eliviate the itching. Someone also told me about AZO YEAST. Has anyone used this product?
I welcome ALL advice! Thanks!

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  • I took my first probiotic pill yesterday morning and last night I intserted the yogurt + probiotic capsules. I also started taking Candida Clense to also restore the good flora. I am praying that all this works. Has anyone tried the AZO Yeast pills?I went over to CVS and saw this product thats just like represh but its called 100% Natural. Has anyone tried this product? Would it be dangerous for me to take the probiotic + Candida Clense Pills and the AZO Yeast?
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  • My suggestion to you is to try the probiotic and candida cleanse treatment first...give yourself at least 2 weeks and understand that candida is very hard to get rid of and often it is best to try two different treatment protocols. Take the probiotic orally as well as insert this vaginally and I would hold off on the AZO - not sure what this product is, but saying it is "natural" is fairly meaningless. If you have chronic BV then you need to work with your whole body, not just using vaginal treatments. I think you are on the right path and would only suggest using cotton panties, no thongs, and try to cut out all sugars, which feed candida. Best wishesDOM
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  • You are absolutely right i need to start eating the right things also. I just had a baby and was on a diet during my pregnancy due to gestational diabetes i should have just stuck to the diet!! :rolleyes: Well here it is day 3. Last night i didn't do the yogurt its just far too messy for me but i did stick 2 probiotic capsules up there. I still don't feel any relief as far as the itching. I am not sure if i don't feel any different because i am on my period or i just need my vaginal skin to heal from the scratching! What do u think??!!! Ugh i just want the itching to go away. Its wakes me up from my sleep. Its horrible! I am really on a downward sprial to really bad depression. I can't even begin to describe how i am feeling right now!!!
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  • Soo all u ladies out there who have been suffering as badly as i have my bestfriend whom works in the medical field is writing up a letter to send researches at Metropolitan and Columbia Prebyterain hospitals here in NY. My bestfriend would like for u ladies to email me ketluv06@yahoo.com your HORROR stories so we can attach them to the letter she will be sending the researches. We're hoping that by writing this letter we can get the medical world to step up and find out how to get rid of this horrible thing that has taken over our lives. I will look forward to hearing from all of you ladies. Thanks in advance for participating!
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  • I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO PROMISE THEY WILL READ THIS!!!! I HAVE SUFFERED FOREVER AND I AM FINALLY EXCITED! THIS GIRL REALLY KNOWS WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT!!!"GINGER ARK" DO IT!!!! http://www.womens-health.com/boards/gynecology/386-chronic-bacterial-vaginosis-11.html
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    • October 6, 2008
    • 07:29 PM
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  • I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO PROMISE THEY WILL READ THIS!!!! I HAVE SUFFERED FOREVER AND I AM FINALLY EXCITED! THIS GIRL REALLY KNOWS WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT!!!"GINGER ARK" DO IT!!!! http://www.womens-health.com/boards/gynecology/386-chronic-bacterial-vaginosis-11.htmlHey, GINGER.I know your name the link you have provided. I did everything you did, but it is not helping me. The smell is getting worse as years is passing, and I think this something I have to live with. Each time I try to get some hope, but the results zero. I wish I could talk about it with someone in person. The doctors think I am crazy and I do not even have any money to pay for it either.
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    • January 27, 2010
    • 01:48 AM
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  • I have read so many natural ways to get rid of reoccurring bacterial vaginosis, there has only one way that has cleared it up completely for me, including the awful odor and discharge. I douched twice daily with hydrogen peroxide and distilled water, at a mixture of 1/4 peroxide to 3/4 water. I just buy the Summer's Eve disposable douche, discard the mixture and add the peroxide and water. Also, I take two to three Lactobacillus acidophilus made by Inno-Vite with Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) daily at breakfast. After about a week, the discharge and odor were completely gone and I finally felt healthy again, so liberating!! I've suffered with chronic bv for about 4 years and nothing has completely rid it from my body until this! I'm still taking the probiotics daily (just one tablet) to make sure there are plenty of "good bacteria". I'm so happy that I'm sharing this information with you and not still aimlessly looking for a cure for this myself.
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    • November 25, 2010
    • 02:03 AM
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  • I suffered from BV for a couple months. Antibiotics would work for a little while for me and then it would come back. I found when I had Probiotic yogurt everyday at least once my BV would go away. " Eating Right" yogurt would help along with "Dannon" yogurt. (Make sure it says Probiotic on it) If I skipped a few days on accident I take " Probitic Acidophilus" you can find this at any health food store along with Hi-Health. Also increase the veggies and fruits in your diet. Make sure you take a multi-vitamin. Folic Acid also did wonders for me. Drink lots of water. and as weird as this sounds do not use tampons. If you have sex without a condom make sure you urinate after and either shower or wipe it very good. Along with wiping back to front. When you take a bath be careful about certain soaps because you could be allergic to them and usually if you have BV your more sensitive down there. I've tried douching before but seriously nothing worked for me like putting yogurt into my diet and making sure I take a multi vitamin with folic acid. Good Luck I know it's really frustrating :( !
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