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bacterial vaginosis study

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  • Posted By: Monsterlove
  • July 21, 2007
  • 07:57 PM

Looks like the blood test for herpes2 needs to be included for the group that suffer from bacterial vaginosis. Print out the article and give it to your doctors and request the blood work:


Our preliminary data suggests that bacterial vaginosis (BV) may be associated with increased genital tract shedding of HSV-2 (2). As BV is the most common cause of vaginal symptoms in reproductive age women, even modest associations with genital tract shedding of HSV-2 would result in substantial attributable risks for transmission of the virus.

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  • It's possible that I am interpreting it incorrectly, however. They may be indicating that women with herpes 2 experience BV. I'm not sure.
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  • Monsterlove, I see you are a senior member, so u must have some knowledge on the subject of HSV-2. Here's my situation: I have oral HSV-2. I developed a "cold sore" last Monday, it was typed by Saturday as HSV-2. So, yes, I have genital herpes on my mouth....... I have been checking my genitals and had my gyno have a look as well just incase I missed anything and fortunately, I had no lesions, so I'm assuming I don't have genital HSV-2. I did have oral and vaginal sex, why the lesion only occured on my mouth, I do not know. He did give me prescription for Metronidazole for vaginal discharge though. And now that I'm reading about Metronidazole and its purpose, should I assume that the vaginal discharge is from a bacterial infection and that bacterial infections are linked to genital HSV-2 and so I DO have hsv2 on my genitals? How will I ever know? Can the discharge be cultured and typed should it return? And say I do have HSV-2 after all, but with the only symptom being this bacterial infection.....why do you suppose the ORAL HSV-2 broke out and not the genital HSV-2 considering the strain is stronger in the genital area and weaker on the mouth? Please help me answer my questions. I have found some info on ORAL HSV-2, but most info relates to having in in both areas or deals with just shedding. Thanks,
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  • Well, looks like you had oral sex with someone with an active case. If you only got herpes 2 on your mouth, it should not be very severe (so they say) and you may only have this one outbreak because the viruses don't like to live in the different body parts. That's not to say that you will dissolve herpes 2 in your lips, but that it would be very mild and may or may not ever reoccur....and you could spread it giving oral sex..you could explain that you have been diagnosed with herpes on the lips and leave it at that because 80% of the population have it....but...be on the lookout for evidence that you may have been exposed not only on your mouth but in your genital area. If you notice a mosquito like bump on your thigh or butt, you got it down below and need to inform your partners (new life style). It's rather unknown where it's going to land, but the next year will shed more light on its whereabouts. You may experience some odd pains, shooting like or electric in your lower back or have difficulty peeing if it's inside you. Be sure and get paps and I think a couple of times this year, or talk with your doctor. Did you have blood work or was the scab analyzed? Sorry...guys are such jerks at times..
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  • another point...Trichomonas vaginalis is the reasoning behind the Metronidazole. Your doctor found that he gave you another disease on top of the hsv2. I hope they checked you for all the stds. Get checked for hepatitis 3 and hiv, too, for peace of mind. I hope you had it out with him...
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  • Thanks for the quick response. Actually, when I saw teh bumps pop up I went to the TEX-Med Clinic that evening.....the doc there, popped one of the bumps and used a cooton swab, and sent it off for testing (culture?) AND he took blood to look for antibodies for herpes, too..AND tested for all other STDs including teh ones u mentioned. 2 Days later I was in my gyno's office and he said I was overreacting and that it was probably just a herpes 1, since I had no vaginal lesions but that he would also send it out to be typed as 1 or 2..Oh, and he gave me that Metronidazole. Saturday the Tex- Med doc called and told me it was Type-2. So, I'm sure it is. Now, I'm just waiting on the results from the gyno, no doubt the results will be the same. It's just so hard getting info. on my situation....there's hardly any info. at all.. Have you encountered any others w my situation? ...Having Oral HSV-2, but unsure about genital HSV-2?...Thanks
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  • I have heard of people with herpes 1 on their genitals and I know vice- versa. I think it will be a waiting game for you to see if you have any symptoms below the waist. It may only be on your lips. What does this guy say about this? I think it's a traumatic, life altering diagnosis and doctors and their assistants need to be more understanding. It's going to be confusing for you for awhile.
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  • OK....here are the official resultsHSV CULTURESwab sample cultured a sample was taken from the actual sore on my mouth (lip) was a monochronal antibody microscopic immunoflourescent test came back ABNORMAL and positive for Type 2 BLOODWORKHerpes Simplex IGM results = 0.75 negative for antibodies HSVI/ HSV II IGMIGG 5.00 is positive for IGG antibodies to HSV-1IGG 0.12 is negative for IGG antiibodies to HSV-2These were read to me over the phone, so I hope this makes some sense to you.OK, so I just found out that I have HSV-1 as well, and although I thought I didn't have HSV-1, it's not too surprising considering that 80% of the population has it. I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones who never showed symptoms.Question 1: Is a 5.00 antibodies count pretty high for HSV-1? Does that mean I've probably had it as a kid?Question 2: What is the difference between IGM and IGG?Question 3: Why does IGM say negative for both herpes, but IGG say positive HSV-1, negative HSV-2?Question 4: Why does the culture test say I have type 2, but the IGG bloodwork says negative for type 2?Please help me figure this out. The nurse tried telling me, but I had no idea what she was explaining.Also, the guy I was with claims he is clean..not even HSV-1, which I find hard to believe. I know he's gotta be lying.......he's not too smart, he must be embarassed, I suppose.
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  • Well, usually IGM means that you just got the virus and it will be IGM for only a few weeks to a couple of months, if that long...sometimes it can be igm for longer, but usually means just infected. Yours is IGG, meaning that you have had it for some time and your recent relationship did not give it to you (most likely). I have the feeling there may be a mis-diagnosis with you and that all you have is the long standing herpes 1 since childhood. Ask the man to please get a blood test for herpes 2. Now, your blood work came back negative but the sore came back positive, so one of them is wrong. http://www.medhelp.org/forums/STD/messages/4583.html"Ask your doctor to do a a Western blot test, the gold standard. WB is available only at the University of Washington in Seattle, but your local lab will know how to refer a specimen for testing. The main drawback of WB is that it is expensive (I think around $150, plus whatever handling fees come from your doc's office or the local lab) and might not be covered by insurance.If your doctor uses quest labs you can also confirm your results with the herpes inhibition assay. It's test # 17170 for your doctor to order. It helps rule out false positives due to hsv1 infection."
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  • Hi .... I really have this problem i was tested for hsv2 and cameback positive the odd thing being i've NEVER had the symptoms and so my doctor says it might be false and i might have another infection so i have some extreme vaginal discharge all though the doc says its normal ( no colour, no pain) so i thought maybe a BV and so my q's for u is it possible for a hsv2 test to become positive if i have Bacterial Vaginosis. keeping in mind my only symtomps is extreme discharge.
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  • Hi, BV sometime u won't feel any symptom...best course of action to avoid vaginal irritation: 1 Cotton underwear should be worn2 Change sanitary towels and tampons at regular intervals3 Refrain from using vaginal sprays, deodorants or other type smellies4 Remove damp clingy clothing caused through sweating5 Avoid tight-fitting clothes; not only to help keep vaginal smells at bay but for comfort too6 Wearing synthetic materials next to the skin can cause irritation7 Cleanse well after using the loo. Use the front to back motion after bowel movement8 Hot sweaty conditions should have you wash more
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  • another point...Trichomonas vaginalis is the reasoning behind the Metronidazole. Your doctor found that he gave you another disease on top of the hsv2. I hope they checked you for all the stds. Get checked for hepatitis 3 and hiv, too, for peace of mind. I hope you had it out with him...I also have ovarian cyst do those build the antibodies?
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