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absent periods and cystic ovaries, but not insulin resistant

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 20, 2007
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I haven't had a period since august when i came off the pill. I was sent for an ultrasound and have 16 cysts on one ovary and 18 on the other and have cysts in my uterus. The doctors think i have pcos, but i'm not overweight or insulin resistant???

I haven't been fully diagnosed they just put me on the pill, which doesn't suit me at all, none of them do. I'm at a loss, cos all the websites say different things and its always to do with obesity, which i don't have. I'm confused, has anyone else experienced anything like this, or can you help in any way?


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  • I have PCOS. I was diagnosed when I was nineteen years old and was never overweight until now. Everything started when I was nineteen and still had never had a period. They gave me a “fertility type” pill saying it would urge my body to have a period. (They also said the possibility I would ever have a child was very slim) Well I got my first period and missed my second, they said it was a normal thing and gave me another cycle of pills to take and said that during my next period I would need to start taking birth control to regulate it. I was thin at the time, no excess body hair or anything else to suggest pcos other then my test results. I even had testing for insulin resistance and it was normal. Well that second period never came.... I was pregnant! We found that out during my third month along. After having him I went back to normal size...We then started all over again and they ended up regulating my menstrual cycle with the birth control and that lasted about six months and the periods stopped again even with the birth control. I stopped taking the birth control after that and stopped seeing my doctor for two years because it didn’t bother me not to have a period. Well after the two and a half years I then went back to see my doctor and by this time I had many cysts on my ovaries, pelvic pain, etc.... I was told I rarely ever ovulate and all the other goodies that come along with pcos but still was not over weight. So the doctor said lets try again, the third time being run through the ringer trying to start my period back up had the same result as the first .I had one period then I was pregnant again!... I had my daughter when I was twenty-four and the doctor said I should consider a partial hysterectomy because of the amount of cysts I had along with the pelvic pain. Keep in mind I was told “ovulation would be a very rare occurrence” for me and I now had two children. I went in to get testing for the surgery 10 weeks after having my daughter and found out that I was five weeks pregnant!!! Woo Hoo great fun! (My husband whom I had been with since I was seventeen had just passed away three week prior to this) So to cut a long story short... I was then 24, I carried that child for five months until he was still-born. I am now 27 re-married and have been pregnant a total of four times with two live births, one still-born and one miscarriage that was last year, all after taking these pills to jump start my periods. I never got the partial hysterectomy as suggested and have had no plans to because my second husband wants a child of his own. About one year ago at age 26 I began to gain weight A LOT! Well then three months ago I became very ill, all the time feeling sick... Then I developed abscesses and other skin problems, three weeks ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes.... So... Yes you can still have PCOS and be thin, you can still have PCOS and not have a insulin problem.... However there is nothing to say that you will not develop those problems seven years down the road...
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    • February 25, 2007
    • 11:55 AM
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  • Hi there,I am so encouraged to read your post...I'm just relieved to hear that there's someone else experiencing the same thing as me. Maybe if one of us has success with a certain treatment, it will be effective for the other one as well!I've also just been diagnosed with PCOS, and I do not exhibit any of the scary symptoms (I'm thin and not hairy) nor am I insulin resistant. I just found out yesterday that my glucose-insulin levels were normal and that metformin was no longer a treatment option. I'm pretty disappointed because I really thought that metformin was going to be the answer for me. My husband and I aren't ready for kids quite yet, but we would love to get pregnant in about a year or so. I think the doctor wants me to just "hang out" until we're ready to get pregnant...then he'll start me on Clomid. Have you heard anything new from your doctor?Keep me posted!
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    • February 27, 2007
    • 05:30 PM
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  • Have your doctor check your 17-oh and you DHEA and TSTO Levels. you could have a mild case of "NON-Classic Adrenal Hyperplasia". And look up the term. Don't get confused or worried. In the "classic" case it can lead to things like women having more male-ish parts stuff- but , this is NOT the same thing. And if you had that you would already know. Non-classic can lead to things very similar to pcos - cystic ovaries and too much testosterone (acne, hair loss, missed periods etc) but it is because of a problem in your adrenals. I am testing positive for a mild case of it and it seems like a low dose of dexethasone is the common prescription.
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