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  • fluid in the fallopian tubes

    shades 0 Replies
    Posted in: Fallopian Tube conditions April 5, 2011 08:42 PM

    I was experiencing excruciating pain in the abdomen for a a few months last year 2010 and then in Sept 2010 i was diagnosed with hydrasalpinx in my left fallopian tube and in nov 2010 i went into hospital for an opp to remove the infected tube however the gynocologist told me after the operation...

  • Production company casting for a new tlc show

    NetworkCasting 1 Replies
    Posted in: Fallopian Tube conditions May 14, 2010 12:24 AM

    From the producer's of TLC's 'Big Medicine'PRODUCTION COMPANY CASTING FOR A NEW TLC SHOWWe are looking to focus on a few stories including:1. Someone who is currently obese and pregnant.If you are interested in sharing your story and bringing more awareness to the subject, we want to hear...

  • Chronic Chlymadia

    Anonymous 0 Replies
    Posted in: Fallopian Tube conditions March 19, 2010 09:31 AM

    Is it possible to have a postive result for Chlymadia and not have it? The reason I'm asking is I was diagnosed positive for Chlymadia 5 times within the past year and a half. After the second positive I had protected sex each and every time but still tested positive 2 more times. Is it possible...

  • Scared..

    ashfacei 0 Replies
    Posted in: Fallopian Tube conditions August 18, 2008 02:30 AM

    So today I spent over 5 hours in the emergency room, unable to endure this HORRIBLE pain I was experiencing in my pelvis and my sides. Two weeks prior I was treated for Chlamydia (both my boyfriend and I were treated). The thing is, about 6 months ago I was originally treated for having Chlamydia...

  • Scalp Problem

    BOOLATTE 2 Replies
    Posted in: Fallopian Tube conditions February 7, 2008 06:39 PM

    :confused: Please help! I have had a weird scalp problem that no doctor SO FAR has been able to help me with! This has been going on for about 6 years. I go from an extremely oily scalp with small to very large pimples (like small cysts) to an extremely DRY DRy scalp where my hair falls out all...

  • please just help me!

    Anonymous 6 Replies
    Posted in: Fallopian Tube conditions February 19, 2007 04:10 AM

    I am 20 years old and was just tested positve for chamydia but for 7 months now, i havent had any periods, and have had a change in bowls, no sex drive and pain inside my vagina. My bowls are as such...constipation lasting a week, then diarreaha the next, then back to consipation and then diarreah....

  • ??

    Anonymous 2 Replies
    Posted in: Fallopian Tube conditions December 16, 2006 11:42 PM

    35 yo female with dx of partially blocked Right tube and ??Left side 'spasming' does anyone have a clue of what that means in terms of becoming pregnant and carrying the pregnancy to full term? I'm receiving so many mixed messages.

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