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Transparent Floating Circles?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 11, 2006
  • 11:31 AM

Ive Just Noticed That Whenever I Look To The Sky I Can See Hundreds Of Transparent Circles Floating About, My Friend Keeps Saying That He See's Them Too, But Ive Asked Other People And They Say They Dont See Them. Does Everybodys Eyes Do This Or Has It Got Something To With Moisture? Should I Get Them Checked Out At An Optician?

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  • I have the same thing, when I look into the sky I see not only small circles, but also some shapeless loops and wormy bands. I was quite worried about them, and mentioned it to an eye doctor when I went to get my right eye checked for nearsightedness. Within their profession, they call them "floaters," and they are indeed quite common. She said excessive numbers of floaters are usually more common in older people, but it does happen in younger people too, such as myself, and she didn't mention any discernable causes other than that the floaters are made up of hardened or coagulated masses of the jelly fluid inside the eye. When looking at glaringly bright objects, such as sometimes in a theatre when the screen is white, they show up as blurs noticeable at the edges of the light.Otherwise, they are usually dark because they cast shadows on the retina, as the eye doctor told me. However, it is common procedure for them to check the retinas of people who complain of excessive floaters, because in rare cases it can also be caused by detaching retinas, which can occur after getting a hard knock on the head. In these cases the floaters are made up of pieces of retina floating around in the middle of the eye, but unless you are also experiencing sudden reduced peripheral vision, I wouldn't jump to conclusions.Go see an eye doctor, you'll have to reach for your wallet, but at least you'll get piece of mind. They'll put these drops into each eye that make the pupils dilate and they'll shine lights in there and take a look-see. The pupil dilation is actually pretty trippy, just make sure to bring sunglasses or shades becauses it lasts for about 45 minutes and it'll be killer on a bright day.
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    • December 23, 2006
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