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sun light allergy or what?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 23, 2007
  • 07:25 PM

Hi all,

I have for over a month this problem with blurry eyes, 1st I noticed it one afternoon that the inner left of my eye has some redness, later on some itchy feeling came and my vision blurred. So I decided to call my doctor and asked him what to do, I thought it's something viral and he told me to use Tobrex eyedrops from Alcon. Then the following day I understood that bright light is not good, everytime I was out in the sun my vision got more blurry, also I almost stopped using computer(lcd monitor) and waited for a week while using these eyedrops. By the end of the week the redness was gone but the blurry vision remained and when I woke up in the morning I still had some strange white secret from my left eye in particular, the right wasnt perfect either. Then I decided to go to ophthalmologist, it took a day to book appointment, and some 9 days into the illness I was there and she had... let's say not very interested approach. Tried to look into my eyes with 2 types of devices, told me that I was flashing too much, while she was putting the front of this device into my eyelids and I was blinking of course, she used some eyedrops to be easier for her and I had to wait outside for some 20 minutes to do the same. I was still blinking of course and she told me that the problem was that my eyes were tired and prescribed me Sensilux by United Pharma eyedrops and told to come in 1 week time along with the data that one of devices provided. This was in fact prescription glasses data, and it was quite close to the zeros, I mean 0.5/0.75 and 178/180. Because of the other eyedrops she used to open up my eyes, I was feeling considerably worse, the vision was even more blurry and again some itching. I also felt that bright light from luminiscent lamps is making it worse and I was also looking into the LCD monitor technology, and from what I read it looked like probably the UV specter light is the problem, because all the light that was bad to my eyes was UV(sun, luminiscent lamps in supermarkets and LCD). Actually, LCD monitors are considerably better compared to 2h walk in the sun;) So I went after 1 week to the ophthalmologist and told her what I was up to, she was still very disinterested and asked me to read again some numbers on the wall, I did it with ease and even read some serial number I wasnt supposed to read. What she did afterwards was a big surprise to me, she told me that I have to use prescription glasses because my eyes were tired(even though I've almost not used any kind of monitor for over 15 days) and told me that I have to use this Sensilux eyedrops until my both eyes were OK and gave me prescription glasses considerably stronger than the data provided by her device. I was furious, discharged her eyedrops and continued Tobrex, because I have never had problems reading anything or had headache or whatever, the problem was clearly the light and so I went to another ophthalmologist. I knew he was the most respected in my region, but again he didnt have enough time and even looked at my right eye, instead in the left because it was the most blurry, even at the time I almost had no problem with the right eye. Anyway, he didnt use the device that was for prescription glasses data, just the other device and thanks god didnt use the eye opener drops. He gave me yet another type of eyedrops, Flarex - again by Alcon and told me to come in 1 week time. I came, there was minor improvement(or so I thought) and he told me that I should continue with Flarex(4x1 like all the other eyedrops) and he told me that I had sun allergy, which made some sense to me since this is what makes my vision blurry. But now it's almost 10 days after and I still have this same problem. In fact I have ellergies, but right in the moment and the last 1.5 month I've had no problems and that's why I think that their diagnoses or treatment were wrong. It's well over a month(15th april - 23rd may), and it's still the same blurry vision. My near range focus isnt so bad, it's almost OK, but when I look a bit far, like 8-10 meters away it's really bad and I have this strange blurred vision.
Please help with some advice, I would love to go to another ophthalmologist, but they all seem like *#$($#. I'm manager myself and I would fire anyone with such poor behaviour and service... All in all, 4 times to ophthalmologist, and I havent spend more than 20-25minutes in their cabinets:(

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  • Have you tried going to a neurologist? Perhaps there's a deeper issue going on with your nerves?
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 6, 2007
    • 05:25 PM
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