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Sudden Onset of Triple Vision... (Not sure I was diagnosed correctly)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 28, 2007
  • 04:25 PM

Here is the full version of story:

37 6'3" 340 lb Male
Low cholesterol under 110 LDL, 37 HDL
BP: 117/76
Not diabetic, not being treated for anything unusual
Meds taken: Aciphex as needed for acid reflux, nasonex as needed, claritin as needed

Coached T-ball on Tuesday night, very wamr and humid night 90'2 with 70+% humidity. It's t-al so not strenuous and was well hydrated. Game lasted an hour 6:30-7:30 PM, took family and friends to dinner, had pizza and MUG root beer.

Got home from dinner around 9:00 PM, son came down to show me his teeth after brushing, I could see his teeth, turned to computer to send some e-mails and voila I had stacked tripple vision, (Think of the images linked together like a vertical olympic ring symbols, and you can get placement of images) Felt faint, and felt like I was going to pass out. Called wife in house for help, and to call 911, she did and was transported by ambulance to ER. (Not seen for 3 hours, but that's another story) Blood sugar normal, vitals all normal, no pain, but did experience a dull headache form the fornt of forehead, to it migrating behind the right eye. Nothing painful, just nuisance pain. Tongue got a metallic taste and felt like metal in mouth, that stayed for seveal hours.

Was finally seen at 1:35 AM, (fell asleep due to being nasuaeated, with eyes open) and triple version was cleared (it only stayed triple with both eyes open, just blury vision when viewing through each eye seperately) Passed fine motor skills testing finger to nose, then to their moving hand, Eyes dialated and returned to norm and tracked light etc., but vision mantained being blury when released.

Was told to visit opthamologist first thing in the mroning for eye exam, and was told my eyes were the "picture of health", with a 20/15 vision and that my eyes were not the issue. He made an appointment with my clinic to be seen immediately that day for more testing because of his concern.

In between appointments, I had something to eat for the first time, and it was awful. I lost my taste, water, pop, lem onade, and whatever food entered my mouth had a sour flavor that was like having a cheese aftertaste. Didn't matter what the flavor, as at home I tried everything. Toothpaste (after brushing), buffalo sauce, Heinz 57, respbery vinagriette dressing, anything and they all had the same aftertaste with no true taste during the process of eating.

Dr. tok me through some simple neurological exams again, following fingers, lights etc, squeezing hands and passed all. But was told no need to go to get an MRI or CT scan, as my symptoms would be worse, or different.

SO basically it has been 4 days and have had no treatmen or no true diagnosis. It has been mentioned from the ER visit it was for Diplopia (double vision) then the family practice doc mentioned it could have been a certain type of migraine (vertebrosilir migraine) all of which due not account for my loss of taste and the symptoms that were presented.

I am still trying to get a CT scan at least done, but am curious as to any other thoughts out there. (Usually based on symptom checkers loss of taste is associated with a brain tumor, but praying that is not it) but do not want to just say ok it happened, and not have a definite cause.

Look to hear some responses, or if you have suffered similiar what it may have been.


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2 Replies:

  • did you mention to your doctor the loss of taste? you need an imaging study - if your regular doctor won't do it, go find a neurologist. tumor or stroke need to be ruled out...
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  • Yep, loss of taste was mentioned, and I am schedule for an MRI next Monday. My dr. is now back, and he said for peace of mind, he would like it done. Thinks it may have been pressure on the carotid artery in the neck (the bulb area where it splits) and that may have caused the vision issue.No explanation for the taste, but that is why the test to try to explain the issue. MRI is to look for MS, and if not issue, will be sent to a neurologist.DGT
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