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Stye, or something more serious?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 10, 2009
  • 11:37 AM

My 16 month old has had a bump on her lower right eyelid for almost 4 weeks now. Her Dr. said it's a stye at about 1 week. I took her back at about 3 weeks b/c I was worried it isn't gone by now. I think she may have contracted oral herpes, and I'm really concerned she could've spread it to her eye. It doesn't look like the pics I've seen of ocular herpes, but the cold sores I've had don't look blistery and vesicular like the pics either. I told her Dr of my concerns about hsv and she tells me no, it's a stye. Is it common for a stye to last this long? Does this sound like it has become a chalazion?
She was sick for a couple weeks with a runny nose (no cough), then once the cold(?) went away the stye popped up a couple days later. It isn't red anymore, but it is still swollen and there seems to be a knot at the center of it. I'm really worried about her. I hope someone has an answer.

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  • Concerned Mom, I went to the doc when I had a Stye. After about a week it was going away, with the help of hot compresses. 2 days later my other eye had a stye and the first one flared up a bit, again. (FRUSTRATING!)If you rub or touch your eye, it will make it worse and possibly spread the infection that is only in the one eyelash. I am quite vain, I have been applying make up and mascara over it to hide it, which of course made things x10 worse. If your 16 month old has a Stye, don't let her rub his face. It is uncomfortable, your eye can get very dry, itchy and sensitive. You also will see swelling and it will be painful to blink.Wash her sheets and make sure where she lays there is clean. Keep them away from pets, too for a little while. I wouldn't suggest putting hot things on a baby's face, but maybe your doc can provide you with some antibiotics. There is also over-the-counter meds that you can buy, it should be labeled "Stye" in big bold letters. Consult your doc first, since she is so young.-Your baby most likely does not have herpes, as long as she has had no contact with the virus you should not be worried. You should always be cautious of whom you appoint your baby's temporary care to (that is a given). Also, regular check ups is a must, trust your doctor, or find one that you do trust, since your baby will need pediatric care for the next 16 years of her life.I hope that helped!J.E.
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