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puffy eyelids/eye strain: any ideas?

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  • Posted By: sueshere
  • March 7, 2007
  • 04:41 AM

Last year, I had a very bad sinus infection. Actually, I had two other ones before it, but never got them checked due to no insurance. By the third one, I actually lost taste and my mouth hurt to just open it. Well, I went to the doctor, finally, and she put me on a 2 week medication-something with penicillin (sp?). it was working wonderfully, until the 11th day when I started to get a rash on my legs from the medication, so she changed it to something that didnt work at all. well, during that infection, my eyes started to hurt. they were strained. I can see that my eyelids get puffy all around, like they might get after a good cry. my eyes feel strained when I move them all around, so I went to the eye doctor and had a thorough checkup, and nothing was found, but he said to have my sinus' checked. but I still have the eye strain/puffiness. when they are very tired and strained after a long day or driving, they can even burn. I dont have any vision loss, nor spots etc. just a puffiness and when its really bad, it can cause a forehead "headache" but not anything really bad or severe. Also, there is no where in my head that hurts either. But the eye strain can cause me sometimes to get a bit dizzy. Not a balance loss, just from the strain and moving my eyes around. what could it be? any ideas?

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  • Same problem. Puffy all around the eyes, swelling really bad underneath. Swelling sometimes so bad under the right eye, it feels like its getting stuck. Been to 2 ENTs they say my sinus is fine. Been to the eye doctor 6 times. Says my eyes are fine. Been 4 months now, sometimes swelling is better, sometimes really bad. Had 3 rounds of antibiotics cause I did get a sinus infection about a month after the swelling started. Been to the dentist, teeth are fine. Im going to keep going back to the doctor until I get relief. I have tried nose spray, which keeps swelling in sinus down, but doesnt reach the swelling around the eyes. If you find an answer, please let me know. Good luck to you.
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  • Sounds very familiar...I too had a sinus infection about 6 weeks ago for which I was given erythromycin..shortly there after my eyes started to bother me. Terrible eye strain all the time, red, swollen eyelids, watering, and burning stinging sensations. I look like I've been crying all the time. Tears suddenly start to run down my cheeks with no warning, and I keep getting very bad headaches around the eyes. The swelling and puffiness seem to usually be worse in the morning, but does not go away completely later in the day. Anyone else having this problem?
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  • LOL, It seems like we're saying the same thing, but no one is around to give us an answer to our problem... How pathetic. Good luck to you all on your search for an answer. Let me know. I'll check back here when possible.CheersSue
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  • so, one would assume that you had a complete physical examination to rule out hypertension, diabetes and thyroid dysfunction.puffy lids go along with dry eyes and allergies, so you should have both looked into.eye strain can be from a lot of reasons including wrong glasses prescription or need for reading glasses.good luck.
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  • The ever widening use of computers led to a marked increase in the reported cases of eyestrain. Still, too few computer users can identify the early symptoms of eyestrain. They stare daily at a lighted monitor, never noticing that their eyes have come under strain.
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    • August 21, 2009
    • 00:44 PM
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  • I'm experiencing the same symptoms as you guys, did you ever found out what was wrong? It's definitely not eye strain as any amount of rest doesn't fix anything.
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