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One Irritated Eye!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 7, 2007
  • 00:30 AM

Hi all,

About seven months ago, I thought I had pink eye in my left eye. I went to the opthalmologist who gave me Tobradex antibiotic drops. It didn't really clear up but I developed little bumps on my left eyelid along with dry, scaly skin.

My left eye is continously messed up--irritated cornea, dry skin on lid, etc. My right eye is completely fine. I've been to numerous dermatologists and opthalmologists...None of whom was able to give me an answer about what was going on. They put me on sterioid creams, oral antibios and more.

Could this be lupus? I don't have joint pain or anything but I feel like this is something from within my own body at this point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • I think I have the same thing wrong with my right eye that you have..I have been to two different doctors and several medications and so far nothing has helped. It goes away and comes back. He things it might be an allergy of some sort. I have taken the necessary precautions and changed make up and so forth...I don't want to go the rest my life with this.
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  • Hi again, I didn't feel like signing in. My eye has improved a bit over the last month...It's still not back to normal but it's better. I went to several opthalmologists and one of them finally told me that I have extremely dry eyes. He told me to take omega-3 supplements every day (try the ones made by thera-tears) and put drops in (I used thera-tears or systane) every hour. Also, no contacts. It was an annoying way to live but after about four weeks, my eye slowly got better. Again, it's not back to normal but at least I don't have a continously bloodshot, irritated eye. Also, don't use Visine because that will just make it worse...Be gentle to your eyes. Try the tears every 30-60 minutes for three-four weeks and see if your eyes improve. It may be annoying but it's worth it to feel semi-normal again. MSAK
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  • The solution for this is doing eyelid scrubs twice daily. I've had this problem my entire life and that is the only thing which keeps it under control. The condition is called Blepharitis and is an allergic reaction to the ... this is disgusting and gross but true ... the tiny mites which eat the gunk on your eyelashes and lids. Daily scrubbing is the only solution. I use a product which is a foaming eyelid scrub. Just put those three words into any search engine and you should find the name of the product.Also, if you have this condition you could have a low thyroid because that causes one to become allergic and open to frequent infections. Low thyroid or Hypothyroidism causes dry eyes too. On the correct thyroid medication this allergic reaction can subside quite a bit.If you get tested for hypo T make sure you know the truth behind the testing by going to thyroidtoday.com and clicking the Expert Opinion link. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Carole Spencer's article. There is a full explanation of the current diagnosing and treatment protocol for thyroid disease. Know you test results and don't take "normal" for an answer. Ask for a copy and get a second opinion.
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