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lumps under eyelids

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  • Posted By: km44691
  • December 7, 2006
  • 04:34 AM

Does anyone know anything about lumps under the eyelids? I discovered these under my left eyelid. I get air bubbles under my eyelids constantly, so I wanted to know the cause. Looks kinda like chalazion, which I looked up online. But the air bubbles have been there for 6 years, and chalazion seems to be more temporary. Plus I saw an optometrist about it a couple years ago and she said they were microscopic bumps due to allergies. These don't look so microscopic anymore! Thanks all,

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  • Do u mean inside the eyelid? Or on the border of the outside and inside? Everybody has bumps within their eyelids on the inside, I suffer from allergies too and have been told about these "bumps". But if they are causing you problems, i suggest to visit your nearest eye hospital!
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    • January 12, 2007
    • 02:50 PM
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  • I just saw an Optometrist yesterday and he found two such bumps under my eyelid and called them 'concretions'. They are caused by calcium deposits and since I was having problems with my eye feeling like something was in it, he not only pulled out 3 lashes but 'scraped' off the larger of the two bumps. He said that could be scraping my eye when I blinked. Evidently this isn't uncommon. He numbed the lid first and I felt 'no pain'. Hope this helps.yanksgirl
    yanksgirl 1 Replies
    • January 28, 2007
    • 00:21 AM
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  • I was at the eye surgeon yesterday and asked him to look at the inside of my eye lid because it felt like there was something there all the time when I took my contact out. Turns out it was covered in white leasions ( sp? ) which are caused by prolonged contact lens wearing. Nothing to be concerned about I was told but the feeling of something constantly in the eye definitely sucks.
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  • I have been experiencing the same problem (feels like there is something in my eye all the time) for a few years now. I just returned from the optometrist and indeed I have calcium deposits...he removed some with a tweezer and also gave me a perscription. Have to use it four times per day for the next few weeks until I go back to see him. Will let you know what happens after my next appointment.
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  • @switch50:scleritis is an autoimmune condition, but not "lumps under the eyelid that burst like pimples".
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  • They are "giant papillary conjunctivitis".
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  • well... here i am, early christmas morning, and i cant sleep because of this awful pain in my right eye! and i saw these little bumps.. that do look like little zits... ooh they hurt!
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    • December 25, 2007
    • 02:37 PM
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  • I have bad eye allergies and somedays I take a clean shirt and rub the inside of the eyelids to relieve the itch. If you don't have allergic conjunctivitis you won't understand what I mean. Anyways, If your eyes are itchy then that's probably what is the cause of those bumps. To relieve the itch and to get the inflammation of eyelids I use Zaditor or Alaway eyedrops and put a hot compress over my eyes. I was tempted to get a knife and cut away but that wouldn't have been a good idea. Brandon
    fedexboxes 3 Replies
    • January 18, 2008
    • 08:46 PM
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  • Thanks for the input. I saw optometrist and he says I have gigantic tear ducts. This makes partial sense, because I didn't really articulate this thing about air bubbles correctly. My tear ducts are like the people who can shoot milk out their eye, but I just pop air out of it all the time. So it's not that I feel something under my eye, but inside my eyelid. This still doesn't resolve the bumps though... and I would be surprised if they were unrelated. I'm starting to think that because I do so much squeezing of my eyes to pop the air out, the muscles that control my tear ducts have gotten buff. I can't really decipher anatomy pictures that show the muscles and glands up in the eyelid, anyone know if there's a chance that the (constant, compulsive) popping of air bubbles out of my eye could lead to enlarged muscles or glands? Thanks! Sorry for the long post... km
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  • I have one under both my eyelids. I went to the doctor because I keep blinking alot and he told me about it. I still don't get why the heck it's there.
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  • well... here i am, early christmas morning, and i cant sleep because of this awful pain in my right eye! and i saw these little bumps.. that do look like little zits... ooh they hurt!CALCIUM DEPOSITS ON INNER EYELIDSTHE CUREDissolve 5 X 800 mg EDTA capsules in 100ml distilled water (I got my EDTA from kernelpower in the UK).Put drops in eyes, I did this every couple of hours or so and massaged the eyelids against the cheekbones to help break up the deposits, whitish pimples (confirmed as calcium deposits by Western Eye Hospital here in London and my optician, I was only offered lubrication drops by the hospital and in the end did not use them, deciding instead to try my own remedy). It works great, no deposits left after less than a week, eyes perfectly comfy again after 20 years of discomfort.
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