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Help! inturned lashes following shingles of face

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  • Posted By: yanksgirl
  • January 28, 2007
  • 00:26 AM

:confused: :( Hi,
I had shingles last July on the rt. side of my face! It was awful. I am currently under the care of a corneal specialist and my eye has improved as far as infection is concerned, but I have started having 'inturned lashes' that I've had to have 'plucked out' twice now. In between visits, I have to try and see them and do the same. I can't always see them, let alone pluck them out. I had to make a quick trip to the regular eye doctor on Thurs. (even though I have one with the specialist on Monday), so he could get the lashes out again. I posted a reply here to another question someone had regarding bumps under the lid. I had those too, and the Optometrist removed one of those too. It still feels like something is in it. I don't have inturned lids, just 'lashes'. Will this get better? Does anyone have any suggestions? thanks.

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  • Hello there. It was about 2 years ago that I missed my grandfather's funeral because overnight, I had suddenly aquired what looked like a very serious case of acne, but waht was later diagnosed as "facial cellulitis" due to what they assumed must have been caused by either a dental problem or a bacterial infection from a "zit popping" (I admit I WAS cleaning my sudden acne face regularly, as i was not happy with my new "look".). Not to long after, my eyes were VERY irritated, along with my skin, and soon my eyelashes were infact, growing "inwards". which was bizarre and hardly attractive. The next surprize was even more unpleasant, when I found that both my eyelashes AND then eyebrows were dissapearing at a fast rate, only to react with bright redness, puss and extremely visible irritation when I tried (with a q-tip) to poke around the area and see what was wrong. Next my hair began to thin and quickly vanish. All the while, my skin was becoming sooo sensitive that I could no longer be intimate with my sweetie, much less play in the dirt with my nephews. The DR's I visited in total desperation seemed equally irritated with my visits. I was in tears as I asked them why I was fast becoming hairless, eyeslash-less and eye-brow-less. More often than not, I was met with skeptism and irritation. I recieved referrals to a psychiatrist the 1st time, and a referral to a drug rehab he 2nd time. I visited the counselor, who concluded that I was mentally healthy. I never visited the drug rehab since I was not using any kind of drug, not even alcohol or ciggarettes, despite the stubborn and condescending conclusion that I was a speed addict. To my dismay, the nurse was unwilling to believe that my horrible condition was truly NOT ddrug related, no matter how mch I pleaded with her to drug test me for absolute proof that my problem was not as simple as she had hoped! It wasn't frug unduced- something was seriously worng here! Its now several years later and still NO diagnosis. They told meeI had lymphoma at one point, as well as a million other alarming and often FATAL illnesses, which were usually ruled out or at least never confirmed 100%. Soon after, I lost all of the hair on my head. Wow. That is not so easy for a young woman who was just beginning to get over her teenage insecurites and starting to feel like an attractive woman, only to be thrown from self-acceptance into a strange and confusing elephant-man-like medical-deformity looking abberation with no name, and no interest form any medical provider, beyond the standard "youmay just be stressed out". It'sbeen years now and I continue hearign the "alopecia" excuse ("YOu're just balding@ a young age") but that doesn't explain the inward growing eyelashes and insanely fragile skin, esp. on my face.. no eyesbrows and other starange kin/hair/nails. No matter how much or to whom I beg or how often, I've yet 2 be given any kind of an answer. And this began so many years ago! And I have GREAT medical insurance! I EVEN WORK IN THE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY! I WONT LIE- it has been heart-wrenchingly difficult. WHat was once a very pretty face is now kept hidden under sunglasses, hats and fake eyelashes. It has changed my life inmore ways and with deeper intensity than I ever could've imagined! My boyfriend of a decade has left me, righ t before we were to be married. I had to stop going to the gym 4 fear of my fake eyeslashes becoming unglued by the sweat, which always leaves me looking very horribly starnge looking and alien-like. I'm almost a-sexual, from the shame and embarrassment. Because I wear a wig all the time, now so I had to quit my swimming and sports activites for fear of my wig falling off suddenly. I avoid well-lit areas like supermarkets, so I shop in a super rush in nearby cities for my groceries and cllothes, hoping to avoid anyone I might know. I wear sunglasses and headphones more often than not. I have become alomst agoraphobic. I have begun to drink booze to deal with the stress. ABOVE ALL: I wish there was a better way to ask for and recieve answers!
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