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Hard to explain vision

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  • Posted By: glasscat
  • October 28, 2007
  • 05:58 AM

Hi, I'm 15 and this all started about 4 weeks ago, I have never had any eye problems before this

4 weeks ago I went into the kitchen and put a light on and suddenly everything was extremely distorted but I thought it was my eyes ajusting to the light and passed it off but after about 20 seconds it didn't go so I turned the light off but then I had a white circle covering about 1/6 of my vision in the middle of my eyes that lasted for about 2 minutes, it completely went after about 2 minutes but throughout the rest of the day I had pressure on my eyes. I looked it up on the internet and from what I found it seems as if this was just an occular migraine.

The day after I was completely fine all day, no problems.

The day or so after that I was fine but just went to lay down, I turned around and had a sensation I've never had before. Everything was completely spinning but I didn't feel sick it was more like my brain was spinning. I didn't really feel dizzy afterwards and thought of it as nothing more than an extremely dizzy spell. After half an hour or so I felt extremely dizzy just sittign down doing nothing and a bit sick so I went to kneel by the toilet thinking I was going to be sick, I got the extreme spinning again like a pirate ship ride rocking side to side when I moved my head slightly and the extremely horrible feeling like my brain spinning. I rang my mum and she came home from work because I was really scared by now, I went to lay in bed for a few hours and felt extremely sick and dizzy throughout this whole time, after sleeping for a while I felt a fit better and ate some food. After eating I felt completely normal for the rest of the night and went to bed normally.

Now this is where the vision problem started but I don't know if its due to the last 2 things that happened. I woke up and noticed somewhat fuzzy vision, it's hard to explain but everything is still 100% clear its like a million mini transparent dots on everything and its really noticeable when looking at a plain wall or the sky, this is the main sympton I have 24/7. For the first day I thought I was imagining it or it was just like that because I've had a cold that week and my eyes were watery, after 2 days it was still there so I went to the opticians who did a full test which turned out I had 0 problems and 20/20 vision. Okay so this has lasted about 3 and a half weeks now, it hasnt gotten any worse, but usually after waking up its at its best and gets worse the tireder I get (I'm also extremely tired since this has happened but I will explain in a moment)

Other visual problems I have

-(this only lasted for about 5 days) a very transparent purple bar I could see in the rmiddle of my vision if I focused, though this went.
-Then about a week or so after the events if I started at one object for more than 10 seconds my entire vision would just go out of focus or blurred or something, this lasted about a week, I still have this somewhat but its NOTHING compared to what it was like then and is getting better everyday
-Sensitive to bright lights, can't look at a normal sunset most other people could or at the sky during the day (even if the sun isn't out)
-Colours getting stuck in vision after staring like lights though this hasn't happened for about 2 weeks (it never happened in the past)
-A somewhat weird feeling on my brow which caused my eyes to feel like they're twitching rapidly when I shut them.
-When waking up I also sometimes see colours but this is only after just waking up.

So thats the visual problems but I had many other symptoms too after the day with the spinning (most of them are gone now though thankfully!)

-I'm extremely exhausted all the time and feel like I NEED to sleep after about 12 hours of being awake (this is my other main symptom which isn't going)
-I was very dizzy for about 2 and a half weeks the dizzyness was mostly noticeable when laying down
-Couldn't listen to music for about 2 and a half weeks because it just made me feel ill (I can now though)
-Pressure on eyes, I had this alot at first and at one point it was very scary because it felt like there was someone pushing at the back of my eye. Its mostly gone now though I do get it a little bit though (usually after being up 12 hours)
-Tired eyes
-Numb head, this has gone now but after being up 12 hours or so my face would feel very strange and numb, I havn't had this for a week and it usually went after having a hot shower
-Pressure on head, mostly gone now also but I do get it at other times (especially when tired again)
-You know when you stand up fast after sitting down for a while sometimes and feel dizzy and everything goes a little dark for a few seconds? Well I've been having this alot more often

This has also made me extremely depressed too, I just can't get it off my mind at all and have been thinking about it 24/7 since it started

I'm scared it might be a brain tumour or something, but I've been to two doctors the first which said its just an occular migraine and will go the second who said he thinks its an ear infection that begin with an L (Sorry I forgot the name.) Both didn't give me medication or do any tests.

Do you have any idea what is happening? I've looked up what I think every time of vision problem and can't find anything about the type of vision I'm seeing

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  • The edit button dissapeared, but if it means anything I'm not overweight but spend alot of time on the computer and never eat fruit or vedge, I take vitamin tablets thoughThe "fuzzy" is also very noticeable in the dark
    glasscat 1 Replies
    • October 28, 2007
    • 06:19 AM
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  • Dear,Please have a visit to a eye specialist narrating him the entire thing that you have discussed over here. Please have a regular check on the eye pressure its called IOP. More importantly excersire regularly, do meditation. to improve your eyesight. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee do not neglect the symptoms.Do let it get worsen.Wish you healthly life.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 1, 2007
    • 07:50 AM
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  • Wow that's a lot of problems.I would be petrified. Gah sorry not really helping. I'm always really scared when anything happens to my eyes, whether it be a migraine, a new kind of floater, allergies get too bad I can't open them etc etc.OMG. I just read it again; this is one of the most bothering symptoms I have of floaters. The 24/7 million dot thing; I have that. It's totally harmless. Totally normal. And they're all moving and stuff.If I look at a light then I get reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally bad floaters, or if i go out in the sun, large splodges or bars will block out a part of my focus, and will disappear soon. Also I can see all sorts of squiggly stuff against a clear sky or blank wall. All normal for floaters.My floaters/ migraines/ other visual disturbances only started after I mesntruated for the first time which lead me to think that it was just one of the lovely aspects of growing up. Yup. Hormones and stuff.They're so annoying but it's easy to forget them after a time. Migraines are horrible but they're probably to do with hormones lol and will probably disappear in several years.Third, fourth and fifth opinions from doctors never hurt anyone. My first doctor told me that I wasn't drinking enough and that I had bad eyesight.The second time I went round she treated it like an ordinary headache and told me not to carry heavy weights etc. The next time I went to a different doctor, my mum really pushed him to get opinions etc and he diagnosed me with migraines and prescibed some stuff for me . I'm making sure that I have regular optometrist appointments because I don't want to take any risks and have floaters and migraines develope into something serious.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 25, 2007
    • 02:14 PM
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  • hi, just wondering if you are still having this problem? or if you have figured it out, im having the same exact problem
    Spectre195 1 Replies
    • September 5, 2010
    • 04:49 AM
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