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Double Vision, Trembling and Dizziness - Can it be my Hashimotos? (Normal TSH)

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  • Posted By: LJH838
  • November 3, 2013
  • 05:56 PM

I am working to confirm that I really need to have an invasive spinal tab to rule out MS. I have had lots of tests completed – and am hopeful we already have the answers to my sickness but the pieces to the puzzle hasn’t been put together for a diagnosis. I am single mother of three and work full-time– and I am going through my sick leave at a fairly quick rate with no real diagnosis for FMLA.

I am pretty sure I have an auto-immune issue – relating to my Hashimotos.

Can someone give me some direction on this?

Current Symptoms:

Double Vision
Square Wave Jerks
Hair Loss
Numbness/reduced sensations in Tongue, feet, neck
Difficulty Swallowing (Comes and goes)
Brain fog/speech issues (come and goes)
Chest burning, (comes and goes)
Sleeping issues
Waking up with an internal Tremor that decreases with activity
Headaches/Migraines (off/on my whole life) that increase in pain after eating sugar
Frequent Urination/Urgency (off/on for several years)
Anxiety issues (several panic attacks in the last 9 months - trigger was dizziness while driving - higher speeds make it worse)
Thyroid Function changes (high TSH's coincided with hospital visits)

Health History -


2001 Desert Storm – Gulf region from Feb to September of 2001

1995 Birth of Son (C-Section)

1996 Hypothyroid/Hashimotos Diagnosis (symptom – loss of hair)

1997 Birth of Daughter (she was diagnosed with Hypothyroid at the age of 14) (C-Section)

2005 Birth of Daughter, had gestational diabetes during later part of pregnancy (she had grand mal seizures (outgrown) and ADHD, being tested for autism spectrum) (C-Section)

2010 Enlarged lymph nodes, treated with antibiotics (series of CT scans on record)

2012 October, had injections of botox and Restylane in eyebrow area

2013, January, chest burning –
Abnormal ECG - referred to cardiologist
TSH - 12 (after it had been relatively stable (around 1) for years… )

2013, February, ended up in the cardiac for 3 days for observation in cardiac unit for low heart rate and PB (went into the 30’s at night)
Calcium and enzymes were normal so they released me; blamed thyroid

2013, March through August, Thyroid numbers went back to normal but had off and on issues with:
1. Fatigue/sleeping
2. Dizziness
3. Vision
4. Bradycardia (Chest burning )

2013 June – Both teenagers had mono

2013 August – Wore a heart monitor for the month (Dr. Marillo) confirmed a lower heart rate and PVC's

2013 September – Cardiologist prescribed Midrodine, took two times, one per day - energy shot up but created brain fog and coordination issues; stopped taking on third day - explained the reaction to the medicine and they told me just to increase my sodium intake. I used generous amount of sodium (with Iodine), started have episodes of confusion, tailspinned until I ended up in the hospital.

2013, September 30th, episodes of chest pains, muscular weakness, dizziness and disorientation, admitted into Hospital to rule out stroke. Results of testing:
1. Normal CT SCAN of Brain and Neck
2. Normal MRI of Brain (without Contrast)
3. Normal Scan of Heart
4. High TSH
5. High Cholesterol (203; Currently untreated)
HDL 40 - 59 MG/DL 51
CHOLESTEROL 110 - 200 MG/DL 203

6. Low Potassium
POTASSIUM 3.5 - 5.5 MMOL/L 3.4
CHLORIDE 98 - 110 MMOL/L 97

7. Elevated Neutrophils
8. Elevated White Blood Count
WBC x 10^3 4.0 - 11.0 K/uL 12.0

9. Low Lymphocytes
LYMPHOCYTES 27 - 45 % 24

New Test Results Issues:
Low IGA Quant (Score 70, range 91-414)
Low Vitamin D (Score 31.4; VITAMIN D, 25 HYDROXY Lab Range: 32.0 - 100.0 NG/ML)
Cortisol (MCG/DL 17.4 – what is the normal range?)
ACETYLCHOLINE RECEP BLOCK AB (Score 22, what is the normal range?)

2013 October
1. Normal MRI of Spine/ Neck (evidence of age appropriate arthritis)

Family History:
Father – Died at 57 from Heart Disease (smoker)
Mother – Surviving – heart attack at 41 (smoker) and deep vein thrombosis issues in her legs

Maternal Grandmother – Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure
Maternal Grandfather – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Kidney Failure (dialysis patient his last 10 years)
Paternal Grandmother – Cancer and Alzheimer’s
Paternal Grandfather – died in 40’s from heart disease

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