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Disturbing Floater

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  • Posted By: phizaze
  • March 15, 2007
  • 00:45 AM

About a year ago, I was cleaning my floor in a semi-dark room, and I noticed an object in my field of vision. It looked like a bloated insect larvae, with a partly curled segmented body, darker eye(s), and it's tail came to a point. That point looked to be attached to a red blood vessel while the body had a little floating action. I was a bit freaked by this, but eventually started falling asleep much later that night. As I was falling asleep, I experienced a sharp pain in my already tired eye, followed by a flash and a red dot, where the 'larvae' had been. I called my parents, told them the story, and they said I was crazy. I thought maybe so, and I best try to get some rest and see my primary in the morning. I eventually fell asleep, after washing and looking at my eye for a while, not seeing or feeling anything else, besides a fading red dot. The next morning, I woke up with a larger than normal sleeper in that eye (not unusual). I proceeded to put it under my old electron microscope, and discovered, to my horror, that there were pieces of what looked like a segmented insect exoskeleton, and worse yet, pieces of insect looking legs complete with single joints and hairs (like a fly's!). I was freaking out.. I carried the slide and microscope into my car and drove to my parents' house. They refused to look. I eventually saw an opthamologist, who admitted that I have floaters, but said that one couldn't be a bug. Still, today (a year later) that big floater remains, looks the same, except a bit deflated, totally free floating, slightly decomposed. I see it every day, though I usually ignore it.

I first noticed several very tiny, hardly noticeable floaters in my eye(s) at the age of 7, while on an international airline trip. I do not and never have needed glasses or contacts.

My questions:

Is there a documented case of this? It seems that opthomologists are reluctant to talk about this.

What problems can the floaters cause in the future? (I am 29 yrs old)

Thank you,

PS- On WebMD, a Dr. running an eye health thread started a thread on floaters, asking if anyone wanted to share about theirs. I was the first reply, yet they deleted the whole thread the day after I posted- no explanation.

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  • I have floaters in my left eye.. I can look at a blank wall and actually draw a picture of it.. its annoying at best because it makes me think I have a gnat flying around my face most days.. I asked my eye doctor about it he said he could see them but that they were harmless... he also told me that if you have floaters with what he called flashes of white light it could be a torn retina... dont know if I helped but thought I would respond with what I know! Good luck!
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  • Thank you for responding, idontknow.I am currently seeing an opthomologist on a regular basis for another issue. I had also seen him after the fash/dot, and he will not tell me what he thinks the floater(s) look like, but admits that they're there. There was a tiny amount of damage to the retina, he says. The eye (left) has also been injured by a direct hit with a football.... and the Dr. is telling me that there are a couple visible injuries on the eye.Floaters are increasing. Sometimes I see completely different types of floaters, if they're floaters at all. They're dozens of tiny illuminated 'sparks' that move in seeminly random directions for short distances at the same time, at semi-regular intervals (possibly at every heartbeat). I have no idea what these are. I also have other large cloudy floaters in that eye. But the big bug is largest, least translucent, and most bothersome. My right eye has another large floater, but it's more translucent- It looks kind of like a piece of pollen - similar to a big wobbly conical 'stelagmite' with a ****y-willow type thing at it's base... that one seems more friendly, at least. :)I wish for more feedback. A qualified person, especially! My primary physicians were interested, but just referred me to the opthomologist. Getting this opthomologist to communicate to me is like pulling teeth - I'm thinking about using a different person; if for anything, to get some explanations. I know that there are few treatments, and surgery is used only when necessary. Answers would sure make my mind feel better, though!Gabe
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  • I am the original poster, and I thought that I would post some quick sketches of what it looked like originally, and what it looks like now!What do you think? This thing really gets on my nerves sometimes!Thanx, Gabe
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  • Yikes! Mine is much smaller in size I think but has a couple of squiggly lines off the sides of it... it looks like a gnat flying around my eye most of the time. But yours has to be annoying! Mine almost looks like a @ with lines attached at two opposite sides. Hope you can figure that out! Looks to me that if its that big of a floater that it has to be something going on... :confused:
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  • Uh....whoa...I know I'm not providing anything to this conversation...but, I'm freaked out a little.
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  • Hi,I have had floaters for years, although mainly notice them against a white background or on a very bright day. When I first noticed them I used to describe them as seeing cells floating downwards and I understood that if they floated downwards this was not serious at all (I have no medical knowlege myself). I think they said they wee dead cells behind the eye - though I am not sure if that is right - they are always grey in outline and some of them are sort of joined together.Hope you get yours sorted out as I don't think I could see them in a dim light at all.
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  • I am the original poster, and I thought that I would post some quick sketches of what it looked like originally, and what it looks like now!What do you think? This thing really gets on my nerves sometimes!Thanx, Gabe__________________________________________________________I never thought i would find anyone out there that saw what i saw...thought i was losing my mind.Mine looked like this.http://www.mediafire.com/?m4iejm3dnvw
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  • I'm freaking out a little bit. I found this post looking for information on floaters after realizing that I have them (bug like ones) for nearly as far back as I can remember. I'm hoping to get this thread going again. I do remember that the floaters didn't start until I was visiting my mother while she was having pancreatic cancer treatment, so I'm wondering if that may have anything to do with it. If anybody stumbles across this long lost post, I would love a little bit of insight, I'm freaking out.
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    • January 23, 2011
    • 04:14 AM
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