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Conditions of: Scleral Melanocytosis & Alkaptonuria

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 1, 2007
  • 10:17 PM

Hey guys, I'm 22 year old male, Asian I had these when I was a kid of these black spots and I've been reading up on the internet for answers.

I looked up Scleral Melanocytosis & Alkaptonuria, I went to a optometrist twice already and they told me that my eyes are perfectly healthy. But I'm also getting chronic dry eyes due to the monitor and I'm also sensitive to sunlight or florescent light. I got glasses when I was 16 and the prescription hasn't changed too much since 6 years ago. I can see without my glasses but I do have them for distance for driving. Since, I'm Asian, Scleral Melancytosis would be the case I think but I need to find out from professionals on this forum to determine what it might be. I use artificial tears (eye drops) to relieve the dryness and burning.

I started to worry about them when I got my ear cartilage piercing because I heard you can go blind from piercing.

Thanks guys!

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  • blind from a piercing is a new one. Dont think that is right Hey dude try bilberry eyebright its suppose to help
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  • i'm a girl who goes to highskooli have it too i'm jus like you i have 1 on my left eye is big but no1 notices i believe i hope not who knows maybe there being nice i only had 3 ppl in my life ask me about it two teachers and 1 girl when i was like in grade 5 rite now i'm getting really insecure about it is bothering me i thought i was alone but i guess i'm not my eyes r senstive to light and i cant see well i wear glasses i always wanted to wear contacts blue ones but i cant becuz of that hidous gray mark is like long the other eye doesnt have big one i have some on my right eye at the bottom but i would have lift my eyes up i want to remove it is there medicine for this? my eyes do get dry too like you but i regularly see eye doctor my eyes r completly healthy datts wat doctors say i was born with this too i hate it so freaken much i want it to go away help? i sometimes feel embrassed about it cuz i know is visible how big r urs r they noticable like mine is? i feel so ashamed datt i never look into ppl's eyes cuz i'm afraid they will ask about it i want medicine to remove it or something to hide it?????
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  • Zanessa,I don't really think you are helping the original poster with the descriptive words you are using. I have seen these spots before on people. The first time I saw them, I thought "what is that"? And then probably it was similar to a birth mark, or a mark on the skin.People probably don't say anything, because they have the same reaction/There si no need to call them "hideous". I think the way you react to them would influence how others view it. Treat it exactly how any other eye specialist would treat it-as a mere mark on the eye, plain and simple. If you treat it for what it really is, and make no big deal of it(which it isn't)other people will see it as that as well. There is also surgery to cover it up, and a laser is being developed
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