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Circles on vision (something like cells)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 31, 2007
  • 09:45 PM

Few years ago I started seeing something weird - small little circles that look exactly like cells. Its not an Vision Snow. So Im kinda worried about that but my partens say its normal?? :S??

I think is some infection but not sure.
I made a little picture how does it look like:

They look much more like cells in real.
Also, they are static, so where ever I look they fallow my vision. Also, they are half-transparent but some of them are not.
Any advice is helpful.


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9 Replies:

  • Hi,I have the same issues. By any chance did you find a reason or way to metigate the problem?Thanks.
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  • I have them. They look just like cells and cellular debris under a microscope. What I have are called vitreous floaters. My opth. says there is nothing to be done about it.
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  • I have those too but they are not floaters they are in a very contained area only usually if it is bright outside and the little things are kinda halfmoon shaped and move really fast like microbes in a petri dish.My eye doctor said I can see my blood flowing in the back of the eye, I hope this is all it is.:rolleyes: ammonite
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  • i have it too! i thought i was crazy.... they float around and i can see them sometimes. if i stare off into the blue they start showing up. i can never seem to look directly at them. they always dart around when i try to look at them.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 2, 2009
    • 04:19 PM
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  • oh my god ive had that since i can remember, its just one in my eye,it looks like a really creepy letter 'y' when i was little i thought it was some kind of creature inside my eye...its transparent and follows your eye, i tried to explain it to my opticians for so many years and they never got it. i dont know what it is, i dont think its something you should worry about.do you see it all the time?i feel like its going transparent or dissolving a bit cause i only see it on very rare occasions. but one thing its not is blood circulation. thats a lame explanation, i love when doctors pretend to be specialists but they think your case is always the same obvious thing.
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    • August 19, 2010
    • 11:43 PM
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  • I have these as well I see them all the time at least once a day and it is usually when I look at somthing bright like a white wall or the blue sky. I have noticed I see them more clearly when I have a head cold or hungover dont know why. But if it is seeing the blood moving in the back of my eye then that would explain why they look like little cells. I thought I was weired or there was somthing wrong with me. Glad to know I am not the only out here seeing the same thing.
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  • I have this in my eye, as well. It looks like a crooked line of overlapping circles. I see them when I'm looking at the sky or a light colored background.
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  • omg i thort i was the only one that had this i thort i was going blind and its been making me trip out thank god in not the only one is there eneything u can do about it ??????? iv had it for about a week now !!!!
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  • Hey everyone, quick question, have any of you guys ever experienced any form of head trauma? This means anything from a bang on the head to a car accident?
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