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cataracts, eye pressure,cant see out of new glasses!

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  • Posted By: lumpylady1
  • July 18, 2009
  • 07:18 PM

I went to a Mall eye dr. almost 2 weeks ago. During the exam he informed me that I had a high pressure in my right eye but, it was nothing to worry about.
Today, I went to have my glasses fitted. When I put them on I felt like I had someone elses script! Everything was and still is blurry (5 hours later). As the Dr. was checking my eyes again today he cited..."I informed you at your visit that with your cataracts you will have problems.
I exclaimes quite loudly ... I have cataracts? He said... yes, I told you last week." I cited... no, you most certaintly did not! I am shocked at this information! This is the first I have heard about it! I was mad because he pretty much called me a liar!
Now, I have to back up a bit here.... When I was there last week I had informed him that i was having lightening bolt flashes in my left eye and a grey cloud over the right eye at various times as well.
He should have told me at that point that I have cataracts! But, he failed to do so!
AND, the type of dialation is one i have never had before. This was really quick and it didnt effect my sight at all, like it has in the past. Usually it affected me for several hours but, this stuff did not.
Now, for my concern and worries...
should I suck up another cost and go to another eye dr.?
I am concerned that this is not the right perscription (I have never had problems seeing out of no-line bifocals in the past when I have picked them up)...
Should i have had the other type of dialation to see what may be wrong?
I did tell him i have a rare disease and i need to know everything.....
But, he just keeps making it seem like i am making a mountain out of a mole
hill now.
He also informed me that my right eye is farsighted and my left is near sighted? Is that possible?
I had 20/20 vision for 40 years almost to the day.....
then when i turned 40 i suddenly needed glasses. And I mean suddenly!
Now, he tells me I have several cataracts in both eyes and the pressure is high on the right eye but, he wont provide any specifics!
Should I just keep trying to see out of these new glasses or find another Dr?
And what may happen if I dont? If there is more to my vision problems than that quickie dialation..... allowed to the dr too see........Could I loose my sight?
I am very ill with a very rare and hardly known painful disease now.... I dont think I could be without it! It would be just too much to bear.
Thoughts on this anyone?
I would very much appreciate it, as I am currently very upset.
Oh yea, his words were... becuase you have several cataracts in both eyes......!
I really need someone that knows what they are talking about becuase I am clueless!
Thanks so much in advance for your help!:p

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