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both eyes dilated..could it be something serious or nothing at all

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  • Posted By: blitzkid27
  • December 6, 2013
  • 10:11 PM

hey everyone this is my first time on here...i just wanted to bring up that earlier this morning when i woke up the first thing i did was go to the bathroom after i got done i started to wash my hands then i looked up at the mirror and noticed that both eyes were dilated there was no pain in or behind my eyes and no headache and it kinda freaked me out so i leaned closer to the light bulb above the mirror to see if it would change due to amount of light going into my eyes nothing changed and they were still dilated so thats when i really started to freak out i kept blinking my eye lids and rubbed them a few times eventually things went back to normal and each time i got closer and the light my pupils reacted normally all and all my pupils were dilated for about 20 sec if that after it went back to normal i went and got on my computer to try and figure this out i got on both webmd and the mayo clinics website and looked up aneurysm and what the symptons were and it said dilated pupil on both sites witch gave me some relief but then i continued my search and looked at other sites that came up in my web search and for the most part the other sites said in its symptons that its dilated pupils so i again started to freak out witch is it just one pupil dilated or is it both for an unrruptured aneurysm? but before i rap things up a little about me im a 27 yr old male with no prior medical issues other then having panic attacks off and on for the past few years and was just recently diagnosed with panic disorder a month ago and was put on 100mg of zoloft/sertraline idk im really not too worried about it its just since i have really bad anxiety problems its kinda getting the best of me and i need a little reassurence

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  • relax, keyword is Zoloft, they make my eyes like a cats. Go to the GP, but he will shine a torch in your eyes to make sure they dilate, then say they are fine. It's adrenaline or serotonin, i think serotonin as that's exactly what 100mg of Zoloft releases. By the way i have panic disorder and Zoloft made me happy but did not kill anxiety, give it a good 6 months and don't analysis it, it it's still there, time to change med i think. It's not known amazingly for it's ability to get rid of anxiety IN MY EXPERIENCE.
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    • January 11, 2017
    • 03:23 AM
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