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how often does endo need treatment by lap

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  • Posted By: alliegiza
  • July 2, 2012
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Im 15 and was diagnosed with endometriosis two years ago through a lap surgery. My endo had progressed to stage 2 with many adhesions. I was put on birth control round the clock (no placebos) after the lap and my pain seemed to go away. If I don't take my birth control at the same time everyday or within 15 mins I get light spotting. Recently I was late by 45 minutes and didn't get any period, I have spent two nights in the hospital because of horrible pain. I thought is was ovarian cysts but the ER drs didnt see anything. I think the endo has come back badly. I'm going to my gyn tomorrow to see whats up and I have a feeling he will want to do a lap again. I geuss my question is will I have to have surgery every two years for the rest of my life or do some people get relief. Im only 15 and I've spent more time 'under the knife' than any adults I know, so I just want to know if this will follow me forever or will relief come.

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  • Endo has no cure. It's a chronic disease. I've had two surgeries in the past year. I am older (28) and of course was diagnosed later in life, about a year and half ago. There are other options out there besides having to remember to take a pill at the same time everyday. Have you thought about Depot Provera? An IM injection every 3 months? I tried it after they put me on Lupron and it seemed to help. I still have some pain around the time I am suppose to start my period but it's not near as bad as being on nothing. But everyone is different and responds to medicine in different ways. What works for me may not work for you. I will say this about Lupron, I don't recommend it. It most certainly helped with pain and was a monthly injection. I have a severe case of endo, stage 4, and I guess that's why they wanted to try it. I had the worst time on that drug. It was suppose to be 6 monthly injections which cost $1007.00 each but I only got through my 3rd injection. I started having awful side effects, very bad thoughts and became very angry. It changed my personality; which messing with your hormones and adding and taking away will have some or Can have some traumatic effects on your body. Anyway, I don't recommend that but I would recommend the depot provera. Some say they gain weight with the depot but I have yet to gain any from it. Of course staying active helps with that too. Depot Provera doesn't completely take away the pain, but it helps. Also with the side effects of endo. Before I would vomit and it was so hard to keep food down. I stayed sick from it but I can eat now that I am on something that controls the pain and the endo itself. I hate that you are so young with this and I'm sorry for what you are going through. I hope that you find something that works for you. I would try noninvasive first; then if it don't help, I suppose another lap. Best of luck to you :)
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