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Very strange symptoms I'm certain are hormonal.

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  • Posted By: Malome
  • March 5, 2011
  • 11:49 PM

I'm a 23 year old female and I have been sick for quite some time. My doctors are not helping at all. They just run me around in circles. I have major, very severe depression that only lets up the week of my period. I have been hospitalized for it more times then I can count because they cannot find a medication to treat it. And years of therapy helps neither.

The last 4 months I have not gotten my period and so I have been stuck in a constant depressive state. Unable to function or leave my home. I also have been diagnosed with narcolepsy in the last year. At any give time you will find me sleeping. I can't stay awake. I also suffer from cataplexy attacks.

The only drug that managed to put any sort of dent in my mood shifts was a medication called spironolactone. However my doctors don't believe that it's nearly as important as I think it is. I infact forced my doctor to put me on it, because I was sick of experimenting with dangerous psychiatric drugs only to prove they didnt work for me.

I also have the diagnosis of "PCOS". I was diagnosed when I was 14. I have not seen an endocrinologist since (story to come). My family doctor on my request took my testosterone levels and said that they were "sort of high". Other then missing periods and the testosterone levels I don't show the classic symptoms. (hirutism, acne, apple body, brown patches, etc). So my hormones haven't been tested in nearly a decade, minus the testosterone.

I do loose mass amounts of hair. But this just appeared in the last three months or so. Where I can just run my hands through my hair and pull out whole clumps.

I also consistently crave food. I realize this is part of Narcolepsy too so I'm not sure whether to include this. But unless I am on stimulants for my narcolepsy I will eat until I throw up. I however am not very overweight. Slightly.

What made me really worried happened recently. I spent about two weeks in a very, very depressed state for no trigger and no reason, where my treatment team wished for me to go inpatient. I could not because of my dog. Then suddenly one day I had been the most suicidal I had ever been and just like that overnight I went back to being just fine. And the most odd part of all the same day I went back to being just fine, later that day I spotted with cramps. I didn't get my whole period. It's been three days since that and I feel perfectly fine. :confused: I went from wanting to jump in front of trains to making chicken noodle soup and going out with my friends.

I also get incredible hotflashes which come and go randomly. I sleep with my window open in 22 degree weather at times. I may even run a low grade fever while getting these.

My doctors tell me that hormones effecting mood "that much" is impossible and it's all in my head. But I know my body and it hasn't happened just once or twice that my period brings me relief from debilitating depression. It's happened EVERY time. And i don't understand how they don't notice my ups and downs? (and no it's not bipolar my ups are not UPS. I have not ever been manic or hypomanic before).

I mean I've spent ALL of my adult life severely depressed. It would be sort of nice to know what's causing it? They told me to "stop looking for answers" and what? Deal with debilitating depression that may make me take my life someday? I'll go live my life when I happen to get a period? So this leads to them refusing to let me see an endocrinologist. (they won't write the referral).

Does anyone know what this could be? I have spent years looking for answers. (what I'm not supposed to do):D

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  • You better seek some professional help, try to see a doctor that would really help you and would alleviate your worries. It's hard to be sick or someone close to you suffers from sickness. It was too late when we found out that our father was suffering from cancer in prostate because he never see a doctor not until the pain was intolerable. I had to take out payday loans for his treatments. Thank goodness he's better now. After that incident I make sure that my mother have her annual check up too. By having an annual exam, one is able to check the onset of certain conditions where the abnormality will not show symptoms but may manifest initially with a biochemical or laboratory abnormality. That's why it's really important.
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