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Thyroid Problem? Not sure what to do?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 6, 2009
  • 10:00 PM

My doctor says that I am in normal range but my gut tells me that I have a thyroid problem or at least some kind of a problem. I have quite a few hypothyroid symptoms but the one odd symptom is that I am always warm if everyone else is comfortable and I tend to sweat quite a bit. I'm 35 years old, probably about 40 pounds overweight.

Symptoms: fatigue - always tired, blurred vision, dry skin (scaley patches on my arms), inner ear itching from dry skin, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, muscle aches, joint pains, usually a slightly low body temp (97.8-98.1) even though I feel warm, headaches (minor but seem to be more frequent), puffiness around eyes and palpitations.

Here's the results (at least the ones I thought could apply):

T4 Free, Direct = 1.42 ng/dL range .61 - 1.76
Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy = 25.4 ng/mL range 32.0-100.0
TSH = 3.497 uIU/mL range .45 - 4.5
Vitamin B12 = 339 pg/mL range 211-911
Triiodothyronine, Free, Serum = 4.2 pg/mL range 2.3 - 4.2

Possibly unrelated but could help pinpoint:
LDL-P = 2239 nmol/L optimal 2000
Small LDL-P = 1870 nmol/L high > 1200

Total cholesterol = 179 mg/dL - high but normal
LDL-C = 93 mg/dL
HDL-C = 29 L mg/dL should be >40

Triglycerides = 287 mg/dL should be 3.9
Large VLDL-P = 5.9 should be <5.0

Let me know if there are other numbers that may help. I got quite a few standard blood tests done. Doc said I was not diabetic also.

Thanks for any input!!

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  • You certainly do have a slight thyroid problem, even tho your T4 is close to normal, your TSH is elevated, and it does take time for the T4 to show. I see you have vit D problems as well. This alone can cause alot of symptoms. So you should definitly see to it that those levels get back to normal asap. You don't mention your weight, but if you are overweight. I would suggest you read up on metabolic syndrome or syndrome x. Kiera
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  • ok, i have been having problems i have vit d problems also, and for the past years i go up and down with my weight i cant eat i get a full feelin then i lose weight then i gain weight very fast i feel that dr 's dont listen but you have to make them listen and push!!! its not normal to have problems and not to know what is going on , hope you find out what is going on
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  • I finally went to see and Endo. Get results of blood tests next Tuesday. Hopefully I will know more then. The heat intolerance is just unbearable and I sweat so much it's unbelievable. Has to be something...
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    • August 28, 2009
    • 00:42 AM
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  • TSH = 3.497 uIU/mL range .45 - 4.5 You should know that the Association of Endocrinology has changed the normal range for TSH it is now .3 to 3.0.It is mentioned on their website http: www.aace.com under the guidelines section. If your doctor is still using the old data print this out and take it to him. Also you can check out the book "Living well with hypothyroidism: what your doctor doesn't tell you...that you need to know." It has the new levels in there. This change went into effect in 2002 but most doctors and labs have not changed their view.
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  • Ditto the information about TSH. Mine was 3.4 and I was miserable. My normal was much lower, below one, for years. So, for me, 3.4 represents a huge change. Most primary care doctors can't keep up with changes in endocrinology...but you'd kinda think if you give them, Oh, about 7 YEARS! THAT THEY COULD KEEP PACE A BIT!!OK, much calmer now......
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    • September 9, 2010
    • 08:23 PM
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