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Temperature instability after shower

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  • Posted By: OrionWizard
  • January 26, 2013
  • 03:49 AM

I'm 25 yo male.

Every time I shower, I have the following symptoms afterwards:
For an hour or so, I feel good, but kind of flushed. Then, my feet and hands get cold, my back, neck and torso feel very hot on touch, my face feels hot and my eyes are sore and burning, as if they were too hot. My face also produce a large amount of grease. Simultaneously, I feel chills all over my body and if I go to a cold place, I feel warm for a while, then I quickly start shivering. Sometimes, I'm trembling (vibrating chest muscles while breathing, trembling hands). This continues for up to 12 hours, accompanied by increased urination (more than 3 times more frequent than usual). The evening after I shower (does not matter if shower was in the morning or evening), I cannot fall asleep. I feel wide awake, restless and on edge. I also get dry mouth, stuffy nose when I lay down (dilated blood vessels, not allergies) and the morning after, I have a headache and temperature sensitivity (in the winter, I'll feel colder than on normal days). Sometimes, the skin on my back remains very sensitive to touching for more than one thay, sending shivers on slightest movement of clothing.

I take relatively warm showers and I blow dry my hair, as I normally prefer warm temperatures and they don't harm me.

I feel the symptoms are similar to those after too much caffeine, especially the urination, insomnia and trembling. I tried lowering the water temperature, or not getting too hot with hairdryer, but the effects remain the same.

It is very disturbing, as a single shower takes two days for me to recover, which conflicts with personal hygiene and prevents me to enjoy occasional shower and swimming activities. Everywhere I search, they say a shower is supposed to have a calming effect and prolonged symptoms (a day or more) don't seem to be common. I think that even if I get too hot or too cold, the temperature variations should not last for 12 or more hours, not even after a sauna!

Is there a way to fix this? Which part of my body is broken and throws off the homeostasis? It might be relevant that I've been suffering from generalized anxiety for a few years, which is also when I noticed the shower problems getting worse (from 1-2 hours of slight flushing to entire days and nights). Both problems seem to involve a prolonged "adrenaline rush", but the anxiety episodes (I don't have short panic attacks but longer episodes) are random and different (lightheadedness, palpitations, chest tightness and discomfort, dizziness, feeling unable to work or rest), while the shower problems are completely predictable and involve more temperature-related problems.

Is it possible that my anxiety problems are causing hypersensitivity of my autonomous nervous system which just goes crazy when I take a shower? Please help me find how this problem works, so I can at least have a peace of mind, otherwise I'll go crazy worrying what it might be.

Regular doctors are not used to such extraordinary problems and just made the standard check-ups and said that heart & thyroid were ok (at least at the time of the check, it might get activated only by a shower). I really don't even know which specialist to ask about this.

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    • September 17, 2013
    • 06:09 AM
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