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Severe Fatigue/diziness...Sinusitis? Allergies?

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  • Posted By: MrsVeezy
  • February 29, 2008
  • 00:35 AM

I am a 28 y/o female, married, 6 month old child, reside in Louisville, KY.
My only medical conditions are a herniated disc L3-L4, herpetic whitlow in right index, prior history of anxiety attacks, & bulemia.

I got pregnant December 2006 and when I was 6 week I began to feel dizzy, like I drank about 10 beers, too dizzy to drive, i would stumble into walls. And I was utterly exausted. I was sure that i had something wrong with my brain and went to the ER, i was told after minimal inspection that I had sinusitis. I thought this was strange since I had no sinus symptoms. I was given Amox/Clav and sent home. It cleared right up, no fatigue, no dizziness.

This happened again about 3 months later, I was told again it was sinusitis. I was given a Z-pack told I might have allergies, and put on Flonase (it made me really jittery and started to kick in my anxiety attacks that I have had under control for a few years so I quit it) The Z pack cleared the "infection", no fatigue, no dizziness.

I got pregnant again Nov 2007 and on Dec 25th, 2007 I again was suddenly struck with severe fatigue (When I say fatigue I mean completely debilitating, sleep 22 hours wake up and still be so worn out. Cant take care of my child, cant bathe, cant eat, etc) and dizziness to where i feel drunk. I was given Amoxicillin, i took it for 6 days and it didn't help.

On Dec 31 I went to the ER cause i was so dizzy and my vision was starting to blur and I was sure it was my brain! lol I was told again sinusitis. I was given something for the dizziness and Z-pack. It cleared right up.

I flew to NY on Jan 3 and returned a week later. I came down with the same thing on my birthday Jan 15, went to the dr, sinusitis, z-pack.

End of Jan, same thing, z-pack

Feb 12, same thing, z-pack

Feb 24, same thing but gave me Keflex.

Feb 25th I had and appointment with an ENT who said that my nose looked fine, i didnt have the signs of sinusitis, green slime, pus, teeth aches, etc.
He said it's probably allergies. Prescribed me Nasonex. Said that I may need to be on a 3 week round of antibiotics but he doesnt think it's a bacterial sinus infection but ordered a CT scan and will go from there. He also said that the antibiotics I had been given were not the best for sinusitis.

If it's not bacterial why does the antibiotic seem to clear it up for a short while?? I feel a little better within 6-12 hours of taking my first does of antibiotics. But it always comes back within 2 weeks.

I talked to an old friend ont he 25th also and she just left a CT scan - shes suffering from the SAME THING! And had been since September, every 2 weeks she gets what her GP said is a sinus infection but the ENT says no!!

I can not live with this! This fatigue is absurd! I will sleep and sleep for a day and a half and still be so bad!! Any other time, i am very active and always have energy. This fatigue is not pregnany related!The dizziness it bad too. I really dont have any other symptoms that i feel are related. a little congestion, post nasal, had a sinus headace during the last one...thats all.

Please someone help me! lol
All I have seen online with people with the same symptoms that have been suffering for years with no cure or diagnosis!

I use a neti pot and have since december. It doesnt seem to be working!

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