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  • June 27, 2011
  • 02:28 AM

I had a blood test about a year and a half ago (when i was 14), as well as an ultrasoud, which both said i did not have PCOS. However, i had excessive weight gain in a year (15kg in 10 months) with no lifestyle changes, hair growth on my back, face, arms and **m. I also had a period once a year. I was recommended to several endocrinologists, and everyone said 'wait, wait, we cant diagnose anything' and a year later, after still no period, one doctor put me on metformin and the pill. While i now have regular periods because of the pill, i still gain weight very easily, and despite strict dieting and exercise, short of starving myself i cannot loose weight. I have developed dark circles under my eyes for the past few years, but this year, they have gotten very pronounced, though i have no trouble sleeping. Over the past two months, i have also become very fatigued and lethargic. Recently, i have not been able to tolerate carbonated drinks very well (soft drinks) and soy sauce makes me feel sick (these might be unrelated, but i thought i would include everything). I have very pale skin, but i always have, and dark and thick hair (not loosing any). I dont have very bad acne, or a lump on my back. My weight is centered in my middle. I have a puffy face and puffy hands. I have been getting sick more and more frequently as i get older. My entire family is almost anorexically skinny, and we all eat and exercise the same, so it has to be something to do with me. My fingernails are thin, but neither my nails or my skin is dry.

Any ideas? please, i am running out of options and trying to find a cure is driving me insane

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  • You do seem a little young for many doctors to diagnose PCOS. I find it interesting thou they said you dont have it, that you've been given metformin as that is what is given to ones which have PCOS and even then its contraversial some whether to give it or not. (I myself have PCOS but no doctor has given me metformin or even suggested it yet). It actually concerns me that the doctors are messing about with you at your age.. you should be given more time to naturally develop your cycles and see what happens. Giving you the pill at your age could further mess things up... all that does is give you a false menstrational cycle one could say. It may not mean you are even ovulating.. cause you are on the pill you wont even be able to tell if you are or not as the pill just makes it look that way. Wait until you are at least 16 or 17 and then go to a gynocologist to find out if you have PCOS or not. Be aware that if you do have PCOS it doesnt just cause many infertility but also causes other medical issues too in most eg insulin problems or diabetes. So you may want to consider in the mentime cutting down your sugar intake including those drinks which can have a lot of sugar in them. PCOS does cause central obesity and an issue known as syndrome X. .. along with obesity. One who has PCOS can often get the weight in check by a very low carbohydrate diet (other kinds of diets often dont work for those with PCOS.. up to 95% of those with PCOS are affected by carbs by the time they are 40 as far as insulin issues or diabetes goes). My specialists have me on a low carb diet. Going very low carb can stop the insulin resistance and diabetes risk, stop one from getting the syndrome X and stop one from getting the obesity .. and all this stops the higher risk of cardio/heart issues due to PCOS.
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