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Not sure what to do but going crazy....

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  • Posted By: leelee1973
  • September 13, 2010
  • 03:14 AM

Hello Everyone I haven't been on a medical board in years but alas I am going through this again. Although, different problems I have to admit I am terrified. I have an appt with my primary on Wed. Please be patient as this will be long...

I hope someone might be able to give me some understanding or cheer my spirits up.

Since the beginning of August I have had weird sensations. For starters I did not experience the majority of these sensations prior to August. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel many years ago.

I recently had to return home from out of state due to losing my job last year. I suffer from anxiety and last year went through months of insomnia. Since earlier last year I suffered from ear aches and was treated with antibiotics. I continued to feel the pain and returned to the Dr. and was told there was zero fluid in my ears, I continued to have pain but being without insurance neglected going again. This summer once I returned home I found out I had an infected tooth and have gotten the root canal; I still have ear pain off and on and several other teeth hurt which leads me to believe there are other infected teeth. I have another dentist appt.

In August, I went out with a friend as he had the week off and I have to say I really had way to many drinks during the week, so much that I felt dehydrated for weeks later. Thats when the weird sensations begin to happen weird warm sensations throughout my body and joints, to the point where it was painful. I took aspirin thinking this would help but the pain intensified. I've felt a weird warm sensation almost burning on my nose, cheek and upper lip.

Every night I would wake up parched and every morning my lips were dry. The warm sensations have mostly gone away. Two weeks later I went out of town and hand a slight heat stroke which brought the same problems again. Since then I've had weird numbness mainly in my right big toe, then pain in my hands and now pain in my feet. I pressed into my achilles heel and pain went all the way through my leg to my hip. I have heart palpitations and have noticed my temp is sometimes lower then normal but not always; I feel warm but not running a fever, I'm about 75 pounds overweight, my feet have always been colder then normal, I've lost hair in the crown in the last few years and I also went through a phase of using different weightloss pills/drinks. It feels like my body is attacking itself.

I worry because I have several close relatives with Lupus. I had my thyroid checked two yrs ago and the tests showed an inbalance of hyper/hypo then I was re-tested and it was okay. I had my thyroid checked last yr and was fine. I'm so anxious and depressed last week I actually thought it would be better if I didn't exsist. I don't have all of the classic thyroid symptoms although my thyroid is large and can be seen easily. I'm not sure whats wrong but I hate feeling like this.

Thanks to anyone who had the time/took the time to read my long, long story.

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