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Help with thyroid lab test results and treatment

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  • Posted By: Jewelweed
  • February 10, 2011
  • 00:13 AM

For about two years I've suspected I have adrenal fatigue. My life stress would lend itself to AF development (moved 12 times and worked in 5 different places in 3 years, and underate and overtrained for much of that time), and all of my physical symptoms correspond exactly to AF. Primarily I feel exhausted, cold (body temp. 95.0 - 96.8 and declines during exercise), have low blood pressure with fainting upon standing, and so on.

I was finally able to see a naturopathic doctor last week. We ran some lab test and my results indicate hypothyroidism:

TSH 2.77
Free T4 0.78 (range 0.89 - 1.77)
Free T3 2.0 (range 2.3 - 4.2)

Fine, so this looks like a classic case of low thryoid, perhaps caused by weak adrenals. BUT the lab tests don't match adrenal fatigue predictions. TSH would be low (the body is trying to slow down thyroid production) and that FT3 and FT4 should be low but about equal in terms of their magnitude of deviation from the optimal values. My FT4 is relatively higher than the FT3, though, meaning that T4 is not getting converted to T3.

So maybe this is just hypothyroidism without adrenal fatigue? However, I have always been underweight with very low body fat (not skinny-fat), and for several months I've been ravenously hungry despite eating 3500-4000 calories a day and not exercising due to fatigue. Yet I have hardly gained weight after about three months of eating like this. How could hypothyroid with lowered metabolic rate not cause weight gain? So I'm not convinced this is "regular" hypothyroid.

My blood results also showed an anemic state (RBCs 11.8) and elevated WBCs (11.0), espcecially monocytes. Low RBCs could be due to an overall slowed metabolic rate, and perhaps there are inflammation or infection problems as well.

I'm at my wits' end and feeling sicker and more fatigued by the day. Lately I am in bed by 7:00 PM and having crying spells from exhaustion. Still waiting to hear back from the doctor regarding the lab test results, so any background knowledge I can obtain in the meantime would be most helpful.

Anyone else had similar symptoms and lab results? And has anyone ever truly overcome adrenal fatigue (if that's even what's going on)?!

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  • Sublingual B12, sublingual B12, and more sublingual B12 is what you need. If your body isn't converting T4 to T3 you need to supply your body with B12 and in the sublingual form. For some reason your body (like mine) can't absorb B12 from the foods you eat or from a vitamin pill you may take. Trust me, I was the same way. I would sit and cry because I was so exhausted but didn't know what to do. I felt horrible; I was becoming depressed and extremely irritable. I knew something was wrong and found high doses of sublingual B12 (3 to 4 times the recommended amount) helped me out of the rut and it worked rather quickly (7-10 days). P.S. Don't take the B12 all at one time. Take a regular dose under the tongue after each meal/snack. I hope this helps you!
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