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Fiancee Losing Weight Steadily Since Pregnancy 1.5 Years Ago

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  • Posted By: WolfNkitten
  • June 24, 2011
  • 04:41 AM

Hello all,

I come on here in an act of desperation. My fiancee has been steadily losing weight since she had our daughter back in January of 2010. She''ll be 29 this year, is 5'7 and at most 115 lbs.

She was 160lbs when she had our daughter. The weight slowly came off initially until late summer of 2010. At that point, she was about 130lbs.

Rolling forward to now, as mentioned, she's lucky if she's 115 lbs. She's since been to the doctor and had all kinds of tests done at the same time... everything but her hormones. Everything came back negative or normal. For the first time however, her iron was good, which is something she's always lacked.

She's been eating healthy for the most part and indulges in high calorie foods and drinks (chips, dip, soda, sandwiches, ice cream, etc.) before bed.

When I asked about getting her hormones checked, she said our doctor was not going to test them because women's hormones fluctuate too much to get an accurate result.

Now, I'm familiar with hormones. I'm on HRT myself due to my testosterone levels being low. I know that the peak time to check my hormones is in the morning between 9 and 11AM. I wish hers was that easy.

As an FYI, the tests showed that:

Complete Blood Count was normal
Liver function test was normal
Kidney values were normal

The 6 symptoms I can see are the following:

Weight loss
Heavy emotional swings
Overall weakness
Very low (almost non-existent) libido

When doing an online diagnosis, the 10 things that were identified were:

1.*Adrenal Cancer
2.*Adrenal Cortex Diseases
3.*Adrenal adenoma, familial
4.*Adrenal gland hyperfunction
5.*Adrenal incidentaloma
6.*Cushing's disease
7.*Cushing's syndrome
8.*Functioning pancreatic endocrine tumor

Now, I'm not a medical guru... but to me, it definitely sounds like an adrenal issue.

Our doctor won't go into further testing until she's reached two years since her pregnancy. We are also challenged with having a doctor shortage in our area (although ironically, we have a university specifically for the medical field). That means trying to get a second diagnosis almost won't work. The response she usually gets: "Eat more".

Is there any specialist that might be able to diagnose things further? Specialists do exist here, although are hard to get in to. Also, she's tried to go to a naturopath, but we can't afford a $250 test at the moment.

Any suggestions would be awesome... our wedding is in a month and she's afraid she's not going to fit her wedding dress... even with alterations.

Thank you,


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  • I agree it needs to work out what is going on with her. There are other hormonal issues too which could cause weight loss ... and of cause things like cancer can manifest like that too. Also any chance she has an eatting disorder and is hiding it from you? I suggest to actually get her to record for a week or two.. everything she is eatting... and add up the calories each day. (she'll need to be having a lot more then a normal woman if she is breastfeeding.. is she??? some women loose a lot of weight while breastfeeding). You should be able to get the info online somewhere on how many calories breastfeeding women need.. If she records what she's eatting AND DRINKING and next time take that list into her doctor to hand him when he says "eat more" (sometimes taking such info in is the only way to get doctors to pay attention) She could also try going to a nutritionist.. (a nutritionist would usually want to see such a list and taking a couple of weeks worth of food recording with you to go throu at first appointment may save one visit). A nutritionist will then contact your doctor over it if she thinks something serious is going on and tell your doctor its not the diet. You say she has depression.. is she on meds for it? If so she may want to look up if the med can cause weight loss.
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  • I definitely agree to what you say.
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