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Enlarged pineal gland..posible PCOS? Cushings?

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  • Posted By: tsimma
  • June 21, 2008
  • 03:18 AM

Hi all...hoping you can help me with something. I am a 25 year old white female. I had a CT scan a few years ago for headaches and my doctor told me they were probably caused by hardening if my sinuses. He also mentioned that my pineal gland was swollen, but did not go into much detail about it. I tried looking this up, but at the time found nothing mentioning a swelling of the gland. Over the next few years, curiosity led me to research this more and more. I had asked my anatomy and physiology teacher what this meant and he told me that it probably just makes me more tired than most people. I just looked it up again today and found someone talking about a possible relationship between a swollen pineal gland and PCOS. I looked up PCOS and found that I had a few of the symptoms:

Sudden weight gain in abdomen (started when I was 15) My weight had fluctuated since I was a child, but I went on Accutane around this time along with Prozac for depression and gained a significant amount of weight quickly mostly in my mid-section. Had since fluctuated more and topped off at 200lbs. I have been in this range for a few years now.

Acne on back- sometimes chest and face (had bad acne on face through puberty but has since cleared to a few here and there).

I get my period on time or a few days off. I experience heavy bleeding on the second day. Rarely a cramp or discomfort but headaches throughout. My period lasts about 7 days. Yesterday, and once last year, my period stopped completely on the 3rd day and started again about a day later.

Thick dark hair on upper thighs and stomach. I'm a blonde and have also noticed more blonde hair on face and arms. When i first noticed the hair, I had been suffering from panic attacks almost daily. I heard anxiety produces more corticosteriods and this might be to blame?

Very oily skin and hair. I can wash my face and within an hour I can saturate 2 oil blotting sheets. My hair gets oily quickly after washing and have white oily residue on my scalp.

Have recently discovered skin tags under where my bra strap lies. Doctor says this is common for women with the constant friction.

Suffer from severe back pain once or twice a year. Could possibly be a disc injury flaring up.

Very prone to stretch marks. Purplish pink and large on my stomach and thighs.

Have a ruddy complexion. I don't believe this is rosacea because it's not just in a certain area of my face. From my jawline up, it looks like I'm constantly blushing. I'm fair skinned and have also noticed the constant red on my forearms.

I am tired most of the time, but can usually only sleep at night. It takes me a long time to fall asleep. I lack energy most of the time.

Can anyone help me?? Is it possible I'm producing too much testoterone or could it be one of the syndromes I listed? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :o

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  • Hi there, I just found out today, after a CT scan myself that I tooo have a swollen Pineal Gland.....my doctor is now sending me for an MRI to determine the amount of swelling and hopefully the cause. I don't suffer from any PCOS symptoms as I just looked them up to be sure. I've been really tired lately as well with absolute 0 energy. My understanding of the function of the Pineal Gland is that it regulates the human clock with respect to sleep/wake process. I have been suffering from constant waves of drowsiness for the last 4 weeks, ( I've dubbed this feeling as a Brain Tickle, because that's what it feels like) and after reading about the function of the Pineal Gland I now understand why I've been feeling soo lethargic lately. If you are still constantly tired, I urge you to ask your doctor for further testing such as an MRI to determine how much sweeling there is of your Pineal Gland. If he or she is not willing then I do hope you seek a second opinion, this is your health and I do hope you take the initiative to seek futher answers. I wish you the very best.
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